Here at Gamer Guides, we strive to make walkthroughs and gaming guides for every gamer, from those interested in strategy guides for niche titles or those who prefer playing more popular games. With glorious HD screenshots and videos found throughout every strategy guide, we have lovingly crafted every walkthrough to meet the highest professional standards. Our gaming guides work across multiple platforms from iOS to Windows and we have also created a custom-built, fully responsive strategy guide web reader to meet the increasingly popular demands of walkthroughs for mobile platforms.

With this in mind, we built an iOS app which can be downloaded from the App Store. Every strategy guide on the website can also be found in our app. Being digital-only allows us to constantly upgrade our gaming guides with the latest information, DLC and cover any HD remakes. Our authors, editors and illustrators work tirelessly to provide the most up to date walkthroughs which you will not find in printed guides.

Gamer Guides now also offers a brand new Subscribe feature - Gamer Guides Pro - which allows every Pro User the freedom to browse any of our strategy guides without having to purchase them all separately. For the low cost of $4.95 per month or $49.95 annually and access to well over a hundred quality gaming guides, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

By subscribing, not only will you be able to read all the gaming guides you want, you will also receive exclusive information before everyone else, a custom video player for every HD video walkthrough playlist, complete with no ads, a downloadable eBook of every strategy guide (coming very soon), all while saving money. We are committed to upgrading this service to provide even better value for money so look out for new features as a Gamer Guides Pro user in the future.

What is Gamer Guides?

Gamer Guides is an established digital video game strategy guide publishing company. We produce high quality walkthroughs that are available for purchase via our website & iOS app, as well as offer a premium subscription service. Our content is also available in eBook format on the Apple store or as a downloadable eBook direct from the site (coming soon). The Gamer Guides website features an intuitive interface designed to make reading gaming guides as easy as possible.

Who is behind the scenes at GamerGuides?

Gamer Guides was founded by Seb Hayes in January 2012. Having previously founded PSU and Playfire, Seb wanted to produce digital strategy guides with the aim of being the most professional, high quality walkthroughs found anywhere on the web. By bringing together the best gaming guide authors like Haeravon, BkStunt and MasterVG, overseen by an experienced Editor-in-Chief in Claire Farnworth, Gamer Guides has steadily made inroads in the industry and now has a reputation of exceptionally high standards.

Working with Prince Siflah Talhaoui (Art Director/Partner) and Lukas Mattsson (Programmer/Developer), the Gamer Guides website has had a complete overhaul in design, making it even easier to access the growing portfolio of walkthroughs and the site will be continuously updated with new and better features in the future.