Fantasy Life Strategy Guide




Say goodbye to "real life" and welcome to Fantasy Life!

From Level-5, the brains behind the Professor Layton series, Fantasy Life is part RPG, part life sim. Behind its cutesy exterior, lies a deeply involving and massive game, especially if you try to do everything (and we know some of you will do that).

In our exclusive strategy guide (we love to spoil you), we break down everything you need to know about starting a new life in Reveria. Whether it’s how to be an exceptional Mercenary, Cook or Miner or any of the other twelve Life roles.

Naturally, we don’t want your life in Reveria to be short-lived, so we’ve also included highly detailed instructions for how to complete the main story quest and save the world of Reveria from impending doom. Because we’re nice like that.

Anyway, here at Gamer Guides, we aim to please, so we hope you enjoy our guide as much as you enjoy the game itself!

Vincent - Fantasy Life strategy guide author