Pokemon Sun and Moon

Zygarde Cell 1 to 50

Number Area Location
1 Route 1 Sea-facing path; east of the first Youngster (Day)
2 Route 1 Path blocked by rocks; tree east of sign (Day)
3 Iki Town East of entrance to Mahalo Trail
4 Hau'oli Outskirts East side of Professor Kukui's Lab
5 Trainers' School School building; ground floor play area (Night)
6 Hau'oli City By Pokemon Centre entrance (Night)
7 Hau'oli City Ilima's house; ground floor, towards the west
8 Route 2 Motel area; north-west corner
9 Hau'oli Cemetery North-west corner, below the hedge
10 Verdant Cavern Far north-east corner; past small den.
11 Route 3 Between meadow entrance and bridge (Day)
12 Route 3 Below a tree in south-most area
13 Kala'e Bay South from the entrance; corner of the ledge
14 Ruins of Conflict Outside the ruins; east from the entrance
Number Area Location
15 Heahea City Inside Tide Song Hotel; north-west corner
16 Heahea City By Dimensional Research Lab entrance (Night)
17 Route 4 Halfway along; south of non-battling breeder
18 Paniola Ranch North-east from the western ramp (Day)
19 Paniola Ranch West side of the western ramp (Night)
20 Route 5 Below cliff north-east from Pokemon Centre
21 Royal Avenue North-west corner of flower garden (Night)
22 Royal Avenue Car park south of Thrifty Megamart (Day)
23 Route 7 North side of beach; corner before the small dens
24 Wela Volcano Park Top of the volcano; ledge along west path
25 Route 8 Next to stairs of the Aether Foundation trailer
26 Route 8 Below rock west from exit to Route 5 (Day)
27 Lush Jungle Cave area to the east that requires Machamp Shove
28 Diglett's Tunnel Next to crate near south exit
29 Konikoni City North-west corner of Lighthouse Point (Night)
30 Akala Outskirts Before ledge north from the entrance
Number Area Location
31 Hano Beach Next to parasol near the entrance
32 Hano Beach Underneath lifeguard tower (Day)
33 Malie Garden Towards the far north-west corner
34 Malie City Between two yellow parked cars (Day)
35 Malie City Malie Community Centre; far east corner (Night)
36 Outer Cape Below yellow parked car (Day)
37 Route 10 Between Ace Trainer and Trainer Tips sign
38 Hokulani Observatory Box-lined corridor; west end (Night)
39 Route 11 By the side of the road near east exit (Night)
40 Route 12 Past the first rock path; below the rock mound
41 Route 12 Halfway along; below the Punk Pair
42 Blush Mountain North-east corner; below building
43 Secluded Shore West-most corner of the shore (Day)
44 Secluded Shore Towards north-east; west from berries (Night)
45 Route 13 North-west corner of motel building (Night)
Number Area Location
46 Route 13 South of oasis; before slope leading down
47 Tapu Village South from Pokemon Centre; before fences
48 Route 15 Eastern shore; below the slope
49 Route 15 Aether House; room to the west (Day)
50 Route 14 Rubble under collapsed road by entrance