Pokemon Sun & Moon Strategy Guide




The controls vary depending on the situation involved.

Circle PadMove CharacterNavigate menus
D-PadPoké Ride shortcutNavigate menus
AInteractConfirm option
BRun (hold button while moving)Cancel option
XOpen/Close game menuPokémon: Switch held item
YAccess/Cancel Poké RidePokémon: Switch Pokémon, Pokémon Summary: Toggle stat display, Battle: Open Poké Ball menu
Start/Select(Not used)(Not used)
L(Not used)Switch to first (left) page, Battle: Hold and press A to check move
R(Not used)Switch to second (right) page
Touch ScreenInteract with RotomSelect/Confirm option

Soft Reset

To reset the game back to the title screen, hold L, R and Start/Select simultaneously. Beware that you’ll lose all progress since the last time you saved the game!