Pokemon Sun and Moon

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Hello there, Pokemon trainer! Here, you'll find a useful list of all the Pokemon found in the Alola region of Sun and Moon and how to obtain them. Before you continue, please take heed of the following notes:

Alola Pokedex versus National Pokedex

For the unacquainted, the Alola Pokedex is the regional Pokedex given to you by Professor Kukui during the early stages of the game--and the only Pokedex you acquire in Sun and Moon.

As its name suggests, it contains a record of all 302 Pokemon native to Alola, which includes the 82 Pokemon that are brand new to Sun and Moon, plus 220 old Pokemon that also inhabit Alola (including the 18 Alolan Forms).

Meanwhile the National Pokedex includes every single Pokemon from every game in the series--the total of which is currently a staggering 802. While you can obtain Pokemon not in the Alola Pokedex in Sun and Moon, there is no in-game National Pokedex to record them in.