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Assassin's Creed: Rogue
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Author(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 11-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 15-12-2019 / 20:48 GMT

Assassin's Creed: Rogue Guide

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Achievement/Trophy Guide

Achievement/Trophy Guide

Assassin’s Creed Rogue has a total of 50 achievements and 51 trophies. These are awarded for a undertaking a variety of tasks including: experiencing the single player campaign, checking out some of the game’s many side-missions, nabbing all of the collectibles and undergoing some additional miscellaneous tasks. Below you’ll find a categorised list of the achievements/trophies in the game and how you can unlock each one.

Story Achievements/Trophies

The following 12 achievements/trophies will all come with story progression, so as long as you finish the game these should be pretty much un-missable.

Here’s a list of said achievements/trophies in the order they will unlock:

Achievement/Trophy Description
Did I Do That? Complete Present 1
Halcyon Days Complete sequence 1
The End of Youth Complete sequence 2
He's Not Dead, Is He? Complete Present 2
Making New Friends Complete sequence 3
Picking Teams Complete sequence 4
A Worthy Cause Complete Present 3
One Legend Dies, And One Is Born Complete sequence 5
Brotherhood Broken Complete sequence 6
Sending A Message Complete Present 4
No Page Unturned Complete the final glitched memory
Templar Then; Templar Now Complete the game

Achieve Full Synchronization

In addition to the above 12 achievements/trophies there is also an additional trophy that is awarded upon completing all of the campaign missions with 100% synchronisation. This requires that you beat each mission whilst completing all of the optional objectives as you go. Fortunately, the guide above has you covered in doing this for every single mission - so you shuldn’t have too much difficulty by following it.


Secondary Memory Achievements/Trophies

There are 9 achievements/trophies tied into the optional tasks tagged as secondary missions via the progress tracker. These are likely included to encourage and reward players interested in earning them to experience everything the game has to offer. Each of them is fairly self-explanatory and can be obtained by following the relevant sections in the above guide.

Here are a list of the achievements/trophies that fall into this category and what needs to be done to unlock each of them:

Achievement/Trophy Description
Capture all Gang HQs Find and capture all 10 gang headquarters.
I'll Take That Find and complete all 8 hostile settlement takeovers.
For the Empire! Complete all 6 Fort takeovers.
King of the Hill Find and solve each of the 7 Native Pillars.
Ancient Hero After solving all 7 native Pillars, go to Orenda and unlock the door by the waterfall for the Native Armour and this achievement/trophy.
Knight of Yore Find the 24 Templar maps and uncover all of the hudden Templar relics. Then visit the sapphire to unlock the Templar Armour and this achievement/trophy.
This War of Mine Complete all 12 Assassin Intercepts.
Master of the North Atlantic Complete all four legendary ship battles.
Property Tycoon Complete all renovations.

Morrigan Achievements/Trophies

There are seven achievements/trophies tied into the naval side of the game and can be acquired during your time with the Morrigan. These tasks vary and range from completely upgrading the ship, to cumulative looting/destroying objectives and hunting. Several of these will come with natural progression, but others will likely need a little more focused attention.

Here are the six related achievements/trophies:

Defence First

Description: Survive a Reverse-Boarding.

During your time with the game, you will undoubtedly take part in naval combat on the Morrigan and as you are able to board enemy ships once you have incapacitated them, they can likewise board you if they ram you hard enough. The reverse-boarding scenario acts out in a similar fashion to the regular boarding with you required to kill a certain number of enemies for victory. During memory sequence 02-01 'A Small Victory', there is a naval ambush that will often include a reverse-boarding 9unless you do some fancy manoeuvring!). After completing your fist reverse-boarding, you’ll earn this achievement/trophy.


Ice Breaker and Smashing

Description: Break through 500m of ice sheets and destroy 100 ice bergs.

These two achievements/trophies are related in that they both require you to mess with the icy environment. Ice Breaker has you sailing through ice sheets, which appear as large, flat ice structures that appear around the North Atlantic, note that this is cumulative and you should likely receive it before the end of the game. Smashing takes a little more effort and requires you to destroy 100 ice bergs. There is an endless supply of these floating around the North Atlantic map, so make a habit of destroying any that you see when you come across them.


Unicorn Slayer

Description: Harpoon a Narwhal.

For this achievement/trophy you are going to have to track down and kill a narwhal. These can be found in the north-eastern portion of the North Atlantic map. The closest travel point to their usual locations is either St Anthony (593,224) or Fogo (997,067). When you encounter the beast, initiate the harpooning mini-game and upon completion you’ll earn this one.


Phantom Queen

Description: Fully upgrade the Morrigan.

As the description indicates, you’ll need to completely upgrade every aspect of the Morrigan - the armour, weapons, storage and harpooning. The ship can only be upgraded to an advanced level from the start, however you can find Elite upgrades for the ship (which we need for the achievement/trophy) by finding and collecting blueprints on the world map. Once you have fully upgraded the ship, the achievement/trophy is all yours!


Side-Activity Trophies/Achievements

Throughout the world are a number of ambient side-activities that we can undertake in order to gain some resources and cash which we can use to upgrade the Morrigan or undertake renovations. There are 4 achievements/trophies related to finding and participating in these activities.

They include:

Freedom Fighter and Whats Yours is Mine

Description: Free 300 POWs and loot 20 ship convoys

Both of these achievements/trophies both require you to participate in naval warfare against a convoy of ships. Both the POW and loot convoys appear on the map in the same general locations and often spawn in the same areas. The loot convoys require us to take down two gunships and a brig, before boarding the brig to earn a large amount of money and resources to end the event successfully.

The POW convoys on the other hand appear in a similar setup with two smaller ships and a POW ship. The goal here is to take down two smaller ships whilst trying not to damage the main target. The main ship has 100 POWs on board and if we damage it, those numbers will drop, so leave it alone! Once the escorts have been destroyed, board the POW ship to free the prisoners. After freeing 300 prisoners in total, you’ll earn the achievement/trophy.



Description: Complete an outpost without being detected.

Outposts are marked by a warehouse icon on the map and appear in both the North Atlantic and River Valley regions. The goal of these areas is to sneak into the restricted area, use eagle vision to locate the guard carrying the keys and then killing or pickpocketing him to obtain them. Then we need to go to the associated warehouse and open it to earn a great deal of resources. Depending on the outpost location, there can be between 1-3 key carriers and warehouses. We simply need to complete any of these areas without being detected to earn this trophy/achievement.



Description: Loot 20 supply camps.

Throughout the North Atlantic and River Valley regions you will be ablle to find and loot supply camps. These appear as caravan icons on the map. These events require you to enter a restricted area and loot a target crate for a large number of resources. To earn this achievement/trophy, you’ll need to loot 20 of these supply camps.


Combat Related Achievements/Trophies

There are 5 achievements/trophies that are tied into the games combat system and most of these are related to new features associated with Assassin’s Creed Rogue. They are all fairly easy, but will take time to complete due to the numbers required to unlock them.

Here’s a list of said achievements/trophies and how to accomplish each:

Denied and Stalker Killer

Description: Counter kill 30 stalkers and counter 15 air surprise attacks.

Both of these achievements/trophies require you to counter attack assassins that will approach and attempt to kill you randomly during the game. Whilst wandering around New York and the wilderness (most frequently near supply camps) they will often attempt to attack you, just counter them when you see the icon appear to do so. The Denied achievement requires that you counter attempted air assassinations on Shay, this can be a little tricky, but is much more frequently found in New york, especially if you have not yet completed the gang HQ takeovers.


Nap Time and Instant Vikings

Description: Put 5 enemies to sleep at once with sleep grenades and hit 5 enemies at once with a berserk grenade.

These achievements/trophies are both tied into using Shay’s grenade launcher and with some good timing; we can actually do both at the same time. First up, we need to lure enemies close together, either by rampaging to draw in a large number of guards or by using firecracker darts to drawn a group into a single location. Once all of the enemies are close together, hit them with the sleep grenades to knock them out - this will earn you Nap Time. Whilst all of them are passed out, hit them with a berserk grenade for the Instant Vikings achievement/trophy.


Do Not Want

Description: Counter 20 smoke bombs successfully using a gas mask.

As you fight against enemies in the game they will occasionally drop smoke or poison bombs which can stun you if you stand in them for too long. As they are thrown near you, you should see a button prompt appear with gas mask above Shays head. Hit the required button at this point and stand in the gas for a second to register the counter. Do this another 19 times to earn the achievement/trophy.


Collectible Achievements/Trophies

These 3 achievements/trophies are tied into finding and collecting collectibles. Well need to gather all of the Animus Fragments and repair all of the computers at Abstergo as well as hunting down challenges/intercepts and collectibles of every type at a single location to unlock these guys.

Remember when chasing collectibles that synchronising a viewpoint or liberating a fort or Gang HQ will reveal all of the collectibles in the nearby area, making it a very useful and worthwhile exercise if being a completionist is your thing!

Here are the achievements/trophies we are looking at here:

Achievement Description
Memory Collector Find and collect all 200 Animus fragments.
Repairman Find and repair all 35 computers at Abstergo.
Owned Collect all collectibles and complete all side-tasks at any single location.

Miscellaneous Achievements/Trophies

These seven achievements/trophies are a little bit random as I was unable to pool them together into another category. They revolve around cumulative exploration-based goals such as visiting every location in the world, participating in the game’s naval campaign, completing Abstergo challenges to unlock cheats and then using those cheats for challenges.

Without further ado, here are the miscellaneous achievements/trophies offered in Assassin’s Creed Rogue and a bit of information on how you can unlock each of them:


Description: visit every location in the game.

This one is fairly self-explanatory - you need to visit every explorable location in the game, each of which is marked by an icon on the world map. These areas include cities, settlements, shipwrecks, forts, caves, etc. If there is an icon on the map, you’ll need to check it out! We need to approach and enter each of these areas as to unlock a fast travel point. Once you have done this for each location, the achievement/trophy will unlock.



Description: Complete 17 story missions in the Naval Campaign.

You’ll be able to take part in a Naval Campaign mini-game from sequence 3 onwards. This has us managing a fleet from the captain’s cabin on the Morrigan and sending them off to secure trade routes, destroy enemy ships and trade goods. There are 33 missions in total in the naval campaign and the game will award you with this achievement/trophy for completing just over half of them.


Dedicated Employee

Description: Complete 35 Abstergo Challenges.

There are 70 Abstergo Challenges and they take into account all manner of actions and activities ranging from combat, to exploration and collectible collecting. They can be viewed and tracked from the main menu in the Animus. For every five challenges you complete, you will also unlock a cheat to play around with. In addition to a bit of fun, these cheats are also required to complete the next four achievements/trophies. For this particular achievement/trophy we need only complete 35 of the 70 challenges.


I ENDURE and Killing Machine

Description: Sink 10 ships with the Endure cheat active and kill 30 guards without dying with the endure cheat active.

As you can tell from the descriptions, the common thread here is the activation of the Endurance Challenge cheat. The cheat requires you to complete 55/75 Abstergo challenges inorder for it to be unlocked. This cheat makes it so that neither Shay, nor the Morrigan are able to regenerate health, which makes killing people and ships a little more challenging.

Fortunately, it is not too difficult once you have upgraded the Morrigan a fair way and as luck would have it, we can even earn these at the same time. You see, you can cheat a little by boarding the ships that you damage with the Morrigan and use the Puckle gun as Shay to shoot the enemy crew on the opposing decks without ever really getting into danger. This makes the 30 guards required for the achievement/trophy a cinch! Then you just need to do the rest with the Morrigan, but with a levelled up hull and high level mortars, very few ships should stand a chance. Once you have destroyed 10 in a row, the achievement/trophy will be yours!


Hunt the Hunted

Description: Sink 10 ships in North Atlantic without dying whilst the Hunted cheat is active.

The Hunted cheat requires you to have complete 50/75 Abstergo challenges in order for it to be unlocked. Activate the cheat from the menu and you will be constantly harassed by bounty hunter ships. Fortunately, the majority of these are quite weak compared to a fully upgraded Morrigan and most, if not all can be totally incapacitated by a single mortar strike. Simply knock out 10 ships to earn the achievement/trophy.



Description: Take over 10 large supply camps with the veterans cheat active.

The Veterans cheat requires you to have complete 60/75 Abstergo challenges in order for it to be unlocked. Activate the cheat from the menu and you will notice that all of the enemies have been upgraded to more advanced versions with captains and other more counter-proof enemies everywhere. Fortunately, we are only raiding supply camps and as you know if you have raided one previously, we don’t really need to get into a fight at all. Whilst going in heavy handed is an option, it is much quicker and easier to sneak our way into a camp, loot the box required and sneak out without killing a soul.


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