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Assassin's Creed III
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First Published: 28-11-2012 / 00:00 GMT
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Assassin's Creed III Guide

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Present - Power Source 2 - Brazil

Once again we are in Desmond’s shoes. From the start, turn to the left an climb the stairs a little further down the passage. You will be at a football stadium near a ticket gate but with no ticket.

Look to the right side of the room, you will find an open door below the glowing green sign. Once you reach the outdoor area, you will see a pair of Abstergo security guards. Duck into the bushes and work your way around the corner to the left. Enter the open door at the top of the small set of stairs here.

You’re back in the stadium! Turn right and follow the concourse. Walk in a group with some other spectators to avoid being detected by the Abstergo goons. When you see the Abstergo checkpoint to the left, enter the toilet straight ahead. Conveniently, there is a second exit to the toilet. Head through here and when you are back on the concourse head right again.

Look out for another green sign along the right hand wall and duck into the open door here. Duck under the roller door at the end of the next room. Hop the rail in front and climb up on the slanted platform on the right. Jump to the forked beam and then over the fence nearby. Get to the higher platform and enter the open window.

Climb the stairs and watch out for an Abstergo guard patrolling here. Follow him along the path until he stops. Blend in with some of the crowd here and wait for him to patrol back past you again. Enter the door on the left at the end of the hall.

Head over to the far left hand corner and jump through the forked support and follow the beam all the way to the middle and then onwards to the room on the opposite side of the stadium. Exit the door and follow the hallway to the left. As you approach you will see a short story scene.

You will now have to chase down the attacker. Follow him down the stairs and across the concourse avoiding the Abstergo agents that will try to stop you. When you find yourself in the outdoor area, you will find Cross, defeat him (easiest way is to counter and push him away) and any soldiers that are still after you. Once they are down, Desmond will retrieve the power source.

Find the passage beside the blue sign, run through the ticket area, down the stairs and to the right to jump on a train to complete our Brazil road trip.


When you return back to the underground cave, you will be given the option to insert the power source now, or to return to the animus. Let’s do the power source later (if you want to do it now, check out the walkthrough for the level Present - The End and see power source 2). Enter the animus when you are ready to continue Connor’s story.

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