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First Published: 28-11-2012 / 00:00 GMT
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Sequence 11

Part 1: Battle of the Chesapeake

Optional Objective(s)

- Destroy a ship using only a single broadside cannon attack three different times

- Destroy two frigates by shooting their powder stores

- Kill five enemies using a counter attack

- Complete all objectives in one playthrough

After the introductory sequence, exit the Homestead and make your way down to the harbourmaster below. Run over to your ship and interact with the exclamation mark to view the sailing map. Select the exclamation mark here to begin the mission.

Part 1

This mission features a large scale naval battle. Huzzah! During the first part of this mission, you can earn the optional objective to destroy a ship using only a single broadside (cannon fire) on three different occasions. As you begin sail with the two friendly ships towards the objective marker. There are two battles ahead, so get ready to fight!

First Battle - Destroy the loyalist fleet


There are eight enemy ships waiting for you. There will be one large ship and seven smaller schooners. Broadside the schooners to take at least three of them down with a single volley for the optional objective and then eliminate the remaining ships. As always, don’t forget to take cover when you see the red indicator in the water!  Killing off a few of these vessels will cause another five to enter the area and join the battle. There will be another four of the small schooners and another large ship to destroy. After a short scene, the next battle will commence.

Second Battle - Destroy the loyalist re-enforcement

Next up another four schooners and a larger ship will appear. As you kill these another three ships will show up. These are the frigates. There is an optional objective tied into these ships. You will have to destroy two of them by with the swivel gun. To do this, we need to damage the front of the frigate (either with a broadside or by crashing into it) to expose the powder barrels; shoot these to destroy the boat.


Part 2

Once all of the enemy ships have been dealt with, follow your allied ship. Once it sinks, sail over to the green circle on the map. When you arrive, ram the massive man-of-war ship to board.

After a short scene, you will be on the deck of the ship. At this point, you are tasked with assassinating the ship’s captain. Before you do that however it should be noted that this is your opportunity to complete the optional objective to kill five enemies with a counter attack. Engage the crew until you have your five counter kills and then tack down and kill the captain.

Following the short cut-scene, you will have 10 seconds to escape the ship. Follow the golden objective marker and jump off the ship to complete the mission.

Part 2: Lee’s Last Stand

Optional Objective(s)

- Lose less than 50% health during the mission

- Remain undetected on the way to the signal fire

- Reach the signal fire without being detected

- Complete all objectives in one playthrough

After the previous mission, you will be back on dry land. Make your way to the exclamation mark in the southernmost part of New York and enter the hatch to the underground. Work your way through the tunnels to the exclamation marker and speak to Lafayette to begin the mission.

Part 1

Once we are in the military district, we’ll have three optional objectives to attempt. We have to reach the top of the lighthouse within 3 minutes, remain undetected on the way and lose less than 50% of your health during the course of the mission.

At the start you will be in a well. Grab the enemy in front. Climb the building to the right. Continue along the rooftop here to the far end and jump to the building opposite. Continue over the next two rooftops, being sure to stay out of the guards lines of sight. When you reach the gap that is too large to jump, hop over to the building to the right and use the beam here to jump to the V-shaped tree and from there to the next building.

From this roof we will now be able to see the lighthouse ahead. Hop to the building in front and to the left and from here look down at the courtyard below. Jump down into the hay cart below. If you face the target building, there will be a guard patrolling the elevated circular platform to the left of the light house. There is a second guard to the left who will patrol around the corner of the building behind us and back again. There will be an additional guard behind us and to the right who will patrol up to the hay cart and then away again.

You can assassinate the guard on the right from cover if you wish. When none of the guards are looking, quickly sprint over to the lighthouse and use the scaffold on the right to get a shortcut up and climb the building to the platform indicated by the marker. Interact with the torch here. Following the instructions above, I reached the torch undetected with 55 seconds remaining.  After the cinematic, Connor will be a little groggy. Work your way over to the red indicator and as you approach a scene will play.

Part 2

When you regain control, you will be in a small tunnel looking out at a courtyard. Exit for a scene. You will now have to fight the bad guy here. He is quite strong and you will be unable to kill him in the normal way.

To do it, you will need to counter his attacks when you are near an environmental object (tables, barrels etc.) to damage him with it. Once he has taken enough damage, a scene will play. Press the action button when indicated to complete the mission and the sequence.


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