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Assassin's Creed III
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First Published: 28-11-2012 / 00:00 GMT
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Assassin's Creed III Guide

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Sequence 6

Part 1: On Johnson’s Trail

Optional Objective(s)

- Limit firearm use to 6 shots

- Use powder kegs to destroy the three crates

- Complete all objectives in one playthrough

Part 1

After the introductory cinematic, make your way to Boston and track down Sam Adams, chat with him to start the next memory. Walk with him until the next scene plays. Now help the Frenchman, Stephane defeat the redcoats.

Note that the previous fight may have increased your notoriety to level 1. There is an optional objective to keep notoriety below level 2. So either track down a wanted poster or during the rest of the mission be careful not to do anything suspicious that will alert the guards or cause your notoriety to increase any further. As such, carefully work your way across Boston to the meeting area and enter the target door to meet a few new faces.

Part 2

Afterwards, run over to the docks. You will find a large circular restricted area here. This is where the crates we need to destroy are located. What we need to do is to sneak into the area, grab one of the explosive barrels from nearby, place it at the base of the target boxes and shoot it. Alternatively you can just go up to them and plant a small explosive device on them, but there is an optional objective for destroying them using the barrels so we may as well do it.

Now, there are guards walking around and due to it being a restrictive area will not hesitate to attack you. You can use the water to easily approach the targets and if you do get into a fight with guards, ensure that you do not use the pistol (there is an optional objective to not use firearms more than 6 times).

Once all three of the crates have been destroyed, we still have the additional objective of freeing the district from Templar influence. Follow the objective markers around the zone and there are a couple of different tasks to undertake – we are going to have to eliminate groups of tax collectors and kill a smuggler or two, just follow the objective marker – and remember to keep an eye on your notoriety and don’t use your pistol! Once you have done everything, the mission complete screen will pop up.

Part 2: The Angry Chef

Optional Objective(s)

- Limit time in open conflict to less than 15 seconds

- Don’t let Stephane’s health drop below 50%

- Perform 5 low profile assassinations

- Complete all objectives in one playthrough

Return to the tavern and talk to Stephane to start this mission. Stephane is going to go all crazy and stuff and lucky for you, you are going to escort him through the streets as he picks fight with soldiers in his path.

Note that you can run up to and quickly assassinate these soldiers before they attack to kill them quickly. This will reduce your time in open conflict and allow you to earn the associated optional objective.

However to get the optional objective to kill 5 guards using low profile assassinations, you are going to have to kill them without them detecting you. Your best bet is to allow Stephane to attack them and then sneak up and knife them in the back.

Here are the locations you will find the guards Stephane will attack:

  • There are 2 to the right after going around the first corner.
  • There are 3 at the end of the next street wrestling with protesters. You do not need to kill them as they will run away.
  • A short distance further there are 2 leaning against the wall of a building opposite a graveyard.
  • There are 4 of them around the next corner from the last 2 guards.
  • 2 walking down the next street.
  • Finally, 2 against a wall in a nearby alleyway.
  • Continue following Stephane until a cut-scene begins. Afterwards we’ll be able to send Stephane into the market to assassinate the target using the assassinate button. Do so for a story scene to end the mission.

    Part 3: The Tea Party

    Optional Objective(s)

    - Dump 10 crates of tea into the water during the defense sequence

    - Throw three redcoats into the water

    - Perform an air musket assassination

    - Complete all objectives in one playthrough

    When you are back in control of Connor, you are going to have to go and eliminate the two groups of guards highlighted with objective markers.

    Eliminate the group of five guards directly in front of your starting position. Once they are dead, continue across the boats to the left and kill the other group of guards here. Once they have all died a short story scene will play out.

    In this next section, look at the mini-map for the blue zone. We have a mate on each ship who we need to protect and to do so we will need to defend this against enemies. Whilst there is a little down time between enemies, be sure to pick up 10 crates from the deck of the boats and toss them into the water for an optional objective. Simply keep your eye on your map and kill the enemies as they approach.

    Be sure during this time to throw three enemies into the water. You can do this by countering and hitting the grab button to push them. Also during this time, you can loot a musket and when a guard is otherwise occupied on the dock below hop up on the railing of one of the ships and air assassinate him with a musket.  Continue to kill the guards as they approach and once enough of the tea has been thrown into the river the mission will be completed.

    Part 4: Hostile Negotiations

    Optional Objective(s)

    - Reach Johnson without being detected

    - Do not let any of the Native Americans be killed

    - Perform a swan dive to escape

    - Complete all objectives in one playthrough

    Once you begin the mission, have a look at your map. We need to infiltrate the red circle. Jump down and when you reach the river. Look to the right and you’ll see a floating platform with a pair of guards on it. To the left of this is a group of reeds emerging from the water the entire way across the river. Swim across the river to the left of the reeds and when you reach the shore you will see two large rock formations.

    Climb up the rocks to the left and use the branches of the trees here to hop across to the other rock structure. From here we will be just above the floating platform in the river. Use the trees on the far side to work your way up to a higher area. Head over to the stone cliff opposite and climb to the top but do not climb over the edge; instead hang for a second until the coast is clear. Look to the left, see that stone ramp leading up to the left? We want to hop up on this and follow it to the end.

    Nearby you will find a tree stump. Make your way through the trees until you reach the cliff. Wait for the guards to move away then jump across to it and climb up. Approach the house to see a short scene.


    Note that after the scene, the game can place you in a couple of different areas automatically. Either way we want to climb up to the main building’s roof and go to the opposite side of the roof overlooking the meeting below. Identify Johnson and then air assassinate him before he has a chance to kill any of the natives. You will be treated to a quick story sequence in assassination mode.

    As soon as you return to normal mode, sprint directly away from the house and drop down to the lower rock path. From here find a rocky outcrop with a log sitting atop of it overlooking the river. Perform a swan dive from the end of the log. Simply swim forward and out of the red circle to complete the mission.


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