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First Published: 28-11-2012 / 00:00 GMT
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Assassin's Creed III Guide

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Pivots and Animus Hacks (Cheats)

Animus pivots are a new addition to the Assassin’s Creed franchise and one that will provide you with a bit of fun after the main story line has drawn to a close. They will enable players to unlock and utilise cheats such as invinciblity and infinite ammo from the options menu once aquried.

After the game has run its course, you will find yourself back in the Animus as Connor. After finding your first pivot (they look kind of like oragami cranes) you will recieve a brief tutorial on what they are and how they work. Unfortunately, this tutorial is short, confusing and really does not explain them very well. So we’ll give it a go for you!

The brief in-game tutorial will earn you three pivots and with these, we can find additional pivots hidden throughout the world. To find pivots, we must first three of place pivots that we have already found into the environment. The idea is to place these in a triangular shape which will detect any pivots within that area.  Note that when placing pivots (you must go into the menu to do this), Connor will have to move to the exact locations where you want to drop the pivot, so be prepared for a bit of running!    You can retrieve pivots via the map menu.  You MUST be playing online for pivots to appear.  It is impossible to write a location guide for the pivots as their location will be different for everybody. This is because the pivots that appear in your game are actually being placed by another player somewhere else in the world who is also online and is looking for pivots in their game.  There is a pivot option in the map menu that will show you the pivots you own and the genral map location of additional, undiscovered pivots.  One pivot will spawn every 15 minutes and will stay in its location until you find it.   In a nut shell then, placing pivots creates bi-secting lines on your map. These lines split the map into sections and, should a pivot be hiding in a section of the map, that area will be highlighted in green. Your next job is simply to head into this green zone and place another pivot within it to shrink the potential search area. Try and get the zone as small as possible and then just get your search on and hope you stumble across the blasted thing.  There are 10 hacks, or cheats in the game, so finding 10 pivots will allow you to unlock all of these. The list is below.

The cheats available once you have unlocked all 10 pivots:  Infinite Ammunition - Infinite ammunition for pistols and bow Killing Spree - Enemies can be assassinated even while player is not in stealth Made of Steel - Invincibility Ninja - Enemies completely ignore you no matter what Recruit - Obtain infinite recruit tokens Season Changer - Player can switch seasons between summer and winter Semi-Automatic - Ranged weapons have no reload time between each shot Sun and Moon - Player can switch between day or night Thunder Kill - Thunder and lightning follows every kill in the game Weather Man - Change the weather condition


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