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Assassin's Creed III
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First Published: 28-11-2012 / 00:00 GMT
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Assassin's Creed III Guide

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Miscellaneous Side-Quests

Delivery Missions

Whilst the previous two generic side-missions were fairly benign, this one is brutal. Not only do all of the contacts not show up on the map, forcing you to explore, they task you with acquiring items that can be quite difficult to come by if you do not know where to look.

You can find the Delivery mission start points in the following locations:


Lexington - You’ll find this one in the main part of Lexington south of the general store.

Items needed

  • Bear Pelt(x5)
  • Wolf Pelt(x5)
  • Beaver Teeth(x5)
  • Bobcat Pelt(x5)
  • Cougar Pelt(x3)

Troy’s Wood - Outside a house in the very north-western corner of the hunting region.

Items needed

  • Bear Claws(x3)
  • Bobcat claws(x3)
  • Wolf Fangs(x3)
  • Cougar fangs(x3)
  • Elk Antlers(x3)

Valley Forge - You’ll find this against the far western part of the region next to a house by a water source.

Items needed

  • Bear Grease (x1),
  • Deer Marrow(X3)
  • Rabbit's Foot(x5)
  • Elk Heart(x1)
  • Fox Tail(x1)

New York

East District - In the East New York, directly West of the northern most harbormaster.

Items needed

  • Ale(x3)
  • Cider(x2)
  • Spirits(x2)
  • Tea(x2)
  • Deer Jerky(x2)

North District - Just to the south-east of Fort Division along the waterfront.

Items needed

  • Cough Syrup(x1)
  • Eye Drops(x1)
  • Pomade(X1)
  • All-Purpose Remedy(x1)
  • Stomach remedy(x1)

West District - North of Fort Washington along the waterfront.

Items needed

  • Salt(x1)
  • Venison(x5)
  • Hare Meat(x5)
  • Elk Meat(x5)
  • Bread(x2)


Boston Central - This guy is located just to the north of the general store in the north of the region.

Items needed

  • Paper(x3)
  • Hair Accessory(x2)
  • Toy Dolls(x2)
  • Soap(x2)
  • Golden Rings(x1)

Boston South - Just to the west of the southernmost harbormaster in Boston.

Items needed

  • Raccoon Pelt(x5)
  • Deer Pelt(x5)
  • Beaver Pelt(x5)
  • Fox Pelt(x3)
  • Buttons(x2)

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