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Assassin's Creed III
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First Published: 28-11-2012 / 00:00 GMT
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Naval Side-Missions

French Involvement

Optional objective(s):

- Ensure Le Belladonna takes less than 50% damage.

- Sink more enemies than Le Belladonna.

- Kill the officer in less than 1 minute.

- Complete all optional objectives in a single playthrough.

We will start this mission by escorting a French ship 'Le Belladonna'. After a few moments, you will enter a bit of fog on the water…and of course a British ambush. There are a couple of optional objectives to highlight straight off the bat here - firstly we cannot let our allied ship drop below 50% health, secondly whilst protecting our mate, we also need to destroy more enemy ships than it does.

First off is a group of nine gunships. Remember we can take these down easily with the swivel gun or even several at once with a well placed broadside. Our ally can also take them down quite efficiently as well, so try and use that swivel gun to maximum effect - with the right timing we even use it for those enemies in the distance.

Once they are all gone, another wave of British ships will rock up. This group consists of a frigate backed up by five gunboats. As we are going for the objective to kill more enemies than Le Belladonna, try to eliminate all of those gunships as quickly as possible before focusing on the frigate.

Once those are dead a third wave of ships will show up. featuring three gun boats and a couple of schooners. Again take these down and once you have done that, a scene will show.

We now have to take down that man-of-war, however we cannot destroy it. Instead change your ammo type to the chain-shot and broadside the enemy ship a few times until you destroy its masts. At this point pilot the Aquila in close so that you can board the British vessel.

Once you are on board a short scene will play showing the officer that you need to kill. He will run off as you approach. Note that the final optional objective is to catch and kill him within 1 minute. Hop over the crates to the right to avoid the flames and follow him around the back of the ship and along the platforms on the other side of the deck. As he runs across the next deck, pull your gun out and shoot him to make him stop and then take him out in melee combat to end the mission.

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