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Assassin's Creed III
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First Published: 28-11-2012 / 00:00 GMT
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Assassin's Creed III Guide

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Naval Side-Missions

The Chase

Optional objective(s):

- Don’t allow the merchant ship to take more than 50% damage.

- Take less than 50% damage from the Fort’s mortars.

- Use a mine to eliminate a gunboat.

- Complete all optional objectives in a single playthrough.

As we begin the mission, we will be behind the wheel of the Aquila. Look at the mini-map. We need to navigate the ship through the rocks in front until we reach the search area.

When you reach the search area a short scene will play showing a vessel being attacked by British gunboats. We’ll need to escort this ship and destroy the gunboats that attack along the way. These can be easily destroyed with either a broadside or the swivel guns - with the swivels, just wait for the reticule to turn red and let fly for a quick and easy kill. Note that there is an optional objective in play at this point to limit damage to the merchant ship to less than 50%. So be quick on that trigger!

Escort the merchant ship through the rocks and destroy the British gunships that move in to attack (which happens fairly regularly). Be sure to keep on the watch out for rogue winds that can put you into rocks in a hurry if you get caught off guard. Continue until a scene plays.

Now we know what the mines look like! Shoot the mines in front with the swivel gun to clear the path ahead. Kill the gunboat to the right and then shoot the mines in front and to the left to destroy the mines and the boat behind them should be destroyed as well (there is an optional objective to destroy a boat using a mine). continue onwards, staying away from the rocks, destroying the mines and gunboats that appear as you go until you reach the open area.

Work your way over to the search area. Once the next objective has shown itself, you are going to have to destroy those mortar towers on the fort on the coast to the north. Eliminate any other enemy vessels in the immediate area before focusing on the fort.

When its time to take on the fort, you will note that when the towers fire their mortars, you will see the area of effect in the water. There is an optional objective to take less than 50% damage from the tower’s mortars. As such, you will want to avoid the white water. When its time to take the fort down, you will need to line up a broadside and hit the towers with it. After a few broadsides, the towers will be destroyed. This will end the mission.

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