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Assassin's Creed III
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First Published: 28-11-2012 / 00:00 GMT
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Assassin's Creed III Guide

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Naval Side-Missions

The Rescue

Optional objective(s):

- Take less than 25% damage from rogue waves.

- Destroy 2 frigates by firing on weak spots.

- Don’t miss whilst firing more than once.

- Complete all optional objectives in a single playthrough.

You’ll begin this mission on the deck of the ship. Once you are good to go, climb the mast to the very top until you reach the objective marker at the top. After the scene, run up and interact with the wheel to take control of the Aquila.

Our goal is the merchant ship in the distance indicated with the blue objective marker. This mission has a couple of new element for you to take into consideration during the fighting segments. The first is that because it is stormy, the waves can be quite large and as such can block your shots or can be used as cover from enemy attacks. Secondly, you will also run into rogue waves.

These appear as an orange line on the mini-map and will approach the ship and can cause a lot of damage unless you take cover at the appropriate time - when is that? Somone on deck will yell "rouge wave!" and a bell will ring. When you hear that, take cover to avoid damage.

Now that that is all explained, pilot the ship through the rocks in front being aware that there will be a couple of rogue wind events. After the rocks, when you reach the open sea, you will need to avoid taking damage from a couple of rogue waves whilst continuing until you reach the merchant ship that is under attack by British ships. As you approach a scene will play.

You will now need to eliminate four enemy ships. There is an optional objectives to take into consideration here - we need to be very accurate, if you miss completely with a shot twice, you will fail one of them. These first four ships are all gunboats, which means that we can one shot them by hitting their weak spots with the swivel gun.

Once all four ships have been destroyed, the merchant ship will be safe and our objective marker will ask us to head off in another direction. Again, as before we have a fairly lengthy trip over there, so be sure to avoid taking damage from those rogue waves as you proceed.

After a short while a pair of enemy frigates will appear. We need to destroy them, but we also need to consider our final optional objective - to destroy the pair of frigates by firing on their weak spots. To do this, you need to broadside the front of the enemy ship once or twice until you see the weak spot revealed and then hit it with the swivel gun to destroy the ship. Once both frigates are down, the mission will be complete.

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