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Assassin's Creed III
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First Published: 28-11-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:24 GMT
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Peg Legs Hidden Treasure

Fort Wolcott

Part 1: Infiltrate

Optional objective(s):

- Perform 3 ledge assassinations.

- Don’t lose more than 33% health.

- Perform a three kill combo streak.

- Complete all optional objectives in a single playthrough.

Part 1

From the start we want to climb the cliff immediately in front and continue up to the top of the adjoining tower above. Ledge assassinate the guard (1/3) standing up here. Climb up on top for a scene.

You'll regain control of the door inside. Wait for the guard to walk away and then head up to the corner and continue around it to assassinate him. Hop up on the railing in front and air assassinate the guard in the room below. Continue through the open door and use the crate in the middle of the room to access the ledge above to the right. Head through the opening up here.  Drop down to the room below and assassinate the two enemies patrolling around here. Climb up the crates at the back left corner of the room. Whilst hanging from the balcony, wait for the patrolling guard to walk past and then ledge assassinate him (2/3). Climb up onto the ledge and continue to the left.  Walk onto the plank at the end. From here, jump across to the beam above overlooking the room. Jump again from the beam to the metal cauldron hanging in the centre of the room and then shimmy to the left, back jump to the next cauldron and if you continue to shimmy left, Connor will go and hop between the cauldrons here. Once you are on the last one, shimmy around the corner and back jump across to the beam and then across to the platform on the opposite side of the room from where we first climbed up. Hop through the window into the next building.  Drop down to the ground below and locate the door. Look on the wall opposite the door and climb up the crates and up to the window ledges above. Back jump from here into the opening above the door.Walk out onto the beam and then jump across to the chandelier, shimmy around and back jump to the next one, back jump off this one onto the beam at the far end of the room. Hop out the window here into the next building.  Continue through the room here and jump out the window onto the ledge opposite turn to the right and continue across the beams and supports here until you reach the platform with the guard hanging out on top. Ledge assassinate him (3/3) and then climb up and enter the door on the platform. A scene will play.  You need to kill all four guards in this room. When you regain control, corner assassinate the first guy. Wait for the second guard patrolling the upper floorto turn away and follow him to assassinate him. the last two guards are standing together in the room below. Hop up on the balcony railing and double air assassinate them. Pop into the cells for a chest and a clue we can analyse for a map fragment. A cut-scene will play on pick up.

Part 2: Escape

Following the scene, kill the guard that appears. After the roof caves in, climb up the fallen walkway and then out of the newly made hole near the roof. Jump across to the next roof and continue to the left. Use the crates to hop up to the beams and continue through the attic. When it drops, hop through the window and into the adjacent building.

Kill the guards in here, being sure to try for the three kill combo streak to complete the optional achievement for doing such and ensuring you don’t lose more than 33% of your health.

Once they are dead, continue through the open door at the back of the room and up the fallen walkway to the right. follow the set path all the way around, across a rooftop or two and continue towards the objective marker. From here, swan dive into the ocean below to complete the mission.


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