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Assassin's Creed III
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First Published: 28-11-2012 / 00:00 GMT
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Assassin's Creed III Guide

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Unlocking the Underground

Boston Fast-travel

Throughout the underground, in addition to picklocking and rotation puzzles you will find three more tricky to solve projection puzzles that will be required to unlock some doors. To solve these puzzles, you will need to look around the room for a book containing a clue as to how to solve the puzzle.

The goal is then to interact with the projector and rotate the slides until they match what is written in the text. When you read through the text, look for the sections that are in capitals - these are your points of interest.These will often state a vague reference to a direction and an object e.g 'the two-headed eagle of the East' would mean to place the eagle icon on the right. Follow the clues to solve the puzzles!

If you don’t feel like reading the book, here are the puzzle solutions:

1. Crown Coffee House - Projection Puzzle

Clue: Concerning God and Religeon.


> TOP - Globe

> LEFT - Cross

> RIGHT - Wheel

> BOTTOM - Scales

2. South Commons - Projection Puzzle

Clue: Of the Civil Magistrate Supreme and Subordinate.


> TOP - Crown

> LEFT - Feather

> RIGHT - Vitruvian Man

> BOTTOM - Masonic Crest

3. Boston Gate - Projection Puzzle

Clue: Of Lodges


> TOP - Masonic Crest

> LEFT - Female Symbol

> RIGHT - Male Symbol

> BOTTOM - Scales

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