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Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Strategy Guide

Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 29-07-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 08-04-2020 / 18:08 GMT

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide

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Common Headgear

The following headgear can be purchased from Labelle’s accessory corner in Main Street any day of the year.

**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
1-Up Cap None Sporty 320
Afro Cap None Flashy 720
Afro Wig None Flashy 600
Alpinist Hat None Iconic 320
Baby's Hat Fairytale Cute 400
Badge Hat None Cute 320
Bandana None Sporty 200
Batter's Helmet None Sporty 600
Bear Cap None Cute 480
Beret None Iconic 320
Bicycle Helmet None Sporty 400
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Big Bro's Hat Hobby Cute 320
Blue Cap None Sporty 320
Blue Headgear None Sporty 800
Blue Nightcap None Cute 300
Blue Plaid Fedora None Official 320
Blue Pom-Pom Hat None Basic 320
Blue Ribbon Fairytale Cute 240
Blue-Zap Helmet Science, Hobby Sporty 600
Braided Wig None Cute 480
Bun Wig Oriental Cute 480
Bunny Hood None Cute 1600
Cat Cap None Cute 480
Catcher's Mask None Sporty 720
Cavalier Hat Antique Iconic 360
Chef's Hat None Official 360
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Combat Helmet None Rock 'n' Roll 960
Cow Bone Horror Historical 480
Crown Antique, Fairytale Ornate 1000000
Dandy Hat None Cute 320
Detective Hat None Iconic 320
Diving Mask Science, Hobby Historical 2200
DJ Cap Science Rock 'n' Roll 600
Do-Rag None Basic 640
Explorer's Hat None Sporty 160
Fencing Mask None Sporty 680
Fireman's Hat None Sporty 960
Football Helmet None Sporty 1200
Frog Cap None Cute 480
Geisha Wig Oriental, Fairytale Iconic 1600
Grandpa Hat None Iconic 420
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Grape Hat Natural Cute 640
Green Cap None Sporty 320
Green Headgear None Sporty 800
Green Knit Hat None Basic 320
Green-Zap Helmet Science, Hobby Sporty 600
Halo Fairytale, Hobby Cute 2400
Headkerchief None Historical 480
Heart Hairpin Fairytale Cute 240
Hunter's Cap None Iconic 320
Jester's Cap Fairytale, Hobby Flashy 360
Jockey's Helmet None Sporty 680
Kaffiyeh None Iconic 320
King Tut Mask Antique, Horror Historical 12000
Kiwi Hat Natural Cute 640
Knight's Helmet Antique, Horror Historical 1000
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Li'l Bro's Hat Hobby Cute 320
Light-Blue Cap None Sporty 320
Lion-Dance Mask Oriental Iconic 1600
Makar's Mask Natural Flashy 240
Mandarin Hat Natural Cute 640
Matronly Bun None Ornate 480
Melon Hat Natural Cute 640
Milkmaid Hat None Iconic 320
Mohawk Wig None Flashy 480
Moon Hairpin None Cute 240
Motocross Helmet Hobby Sporty 1400
Ninja Hood Oriental Historical 480
Nurse's Cap None Official 1200
Orange Knit Hat None Cute 320
Outback Hat None Iconic 320
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Paperboy Cap None Iconic 460
Pigtail Oriental Iconic 400
Pilot's Cap None Sporty 720
Pilot's Hat Hobby Official 960
Pink Knit Hat Fairytale Cute 320
Pink Nightcap None Cute 300
Pink-Zap Helmet Fairytale, Science, Hobby Sporty 600
Plain Black Cap None Official 360
Police Cap None Official 480
Powdered Wig None Historical 600
Puffy Hat None Iconic 360
Purple Cap None Sporty 320
Purple Knit Hat None Cute 320
Purple-Imp Hood Horror Flashy 1200
Racing Helmet None Sporty 1200
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Red Cap None Sporty 320
Red Headgear None Sporty 800
Red Hood Fairytale Cute 400
Red Pom-Pom Hat None Cute 320
Red Ribbon Fairytale Cute 240
Red-Team Cap None Sporty 360
Red-Zap Helmet Science, Hobby Sporty 600
Regent Wig None Rock 'n' Roll 480
Ribboned Straw Hat None Cute 320
Roman Helmet Antique, Horror Historical 1200
Royal Crown Antique, Fairytale Ornate 1200000
Safety Helmet None Sporty 300
Samurai Helmet Oriental, Antique, Horror Historical 2000
Samurai Wig Oriental Historical 1200
Scholar's Hat None Official 420
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
School Hat None Official 240
Shower Cap None Flashy 240
Silk Hat Oriental Iconic 320
Ski Mask Horror Flashy 600
Sombrero None Iconic 240
Space Helmet Science, Hobby Sporty 2400
Star Cap Fairytale Sporty 320
Star Hairpin None Cute 240
Straw Boater Stylish Basic 320
Straw Umbrella Hat Oriental Historical 240
Strawberry Hat Natural Cute 640
Stripe Knit Cap None Basic 320
Student Cap None Official 1600
Swimming Cap None Sporty 200
Terry-Cloth Do-Rag None Rock 'n' Roll 240
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Top Hat Antique, Fairytale Official 480
Tsunokakushi Oriental, Fairytale Official 2400
Tulip Hat None Cute 640
Turban None Iconic 600
Viking Helmet Antique, Hobby, Horror Historical 540
Warbonnet Antique Iconic 1000
Wario Hat Hobby Flashy 800
Watermelon Hat Natural Cute 640
White Cap None Sporty 320
White-Team Cap None Sporty 360
Wizard's Cap Hobby Cute 200
Wrestling Mask None Sporty 900
Yellow Cap None Sporty 320
Yellow Ribbon Fairytale Cute 240

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