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Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Strategy Guide

Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 29-07-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 09-04-2020 / 00:39 GMT

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide

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Common Tops (A to J)

The following tops can be purchased from the Able sisters’ store in Main Street or obtained from your villagers any day of the year.

**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
A Tee Hobby Basic 370
After-School Jacket None Rock 'n' Roll 420
Airy Tee None Modern 420
Aqua Polka Tee Stylish Basic 360
Armor Suit Antique, Horror Historical 400
Bad Plaid Shirt None Iconic 420
Bad Plaid Tee None Iconic 420
Barber Tee None Flashy 640
Baseball Shirt None Sporty 320
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
BB Tee None Rock 'n' Roll 350
Beaded Shirt None Ornate 420
Bear Costume None Cute 640
Bear Shirt None Cute 420
Bear Tee None Cute 390
Big Bro's Tee Hobby Sporty 320
Big-Dot Tee Stylish Basic 340
Big-Star Tee None Basic 400
Black Flannel Shirt None Basic 420
Black Track Jacket None Sporty 420
Black-Denim Jacket None Basic 420
Blue Diamond Shirt None Modern 370
Blue Diamond Tee Stylish Modern 370
Blue Flannel Shirt None Basic 420
Blue Jacket None Sporty 420
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Blue PJ Shirt None Basic 240
Blue Track Jacket None Sporty 420
Blue-Check Tee None Basic 380
Blue-Zap Suit Science, Hobby Sporty 640
Bold-Check Tee Hobby Flashy 360
Bone Shirt Horror Rock 'n' Roll 280
Bunny Shirt None Cute 480
Bunny Tee None Cute 360
Camel Shirt None Historical 280
Captain's Jacket Science Official 800
Cavalier Shirt Antique Iconic 420
Chain-Gang Shirt None Rock 'n' Roll 420
Chain-Gang Tee None Rock 'n' Roll 260
Checkerboard Shirt None Rock 'n' Roll 420
Checkerboard Tee Hobby Rock 'n' Roll 340
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Checkered Tee Hobby Rock 'n' Roll 390
Chef's Outfit None Official 640
Chevron Shirt None Basic 320
Chichi-Print Tee Oriental Historical 180
Chick Tee None Cute 420
Citrus Tee Natural Cute 640
Club Tee Hobby Basic 360
Concierge Shirt None Official 350
Corseted Shirt Fairytale, Horror Ornate 400
Crossing Shirt Stylish Flashy 420
Danger Tee Science, Horror Flashy 340
Deep-Blue Tee None Sporty 380
Denim Jacket None Basic 420
Diamond Tee Hobby Basic 380
Doctor's Coat Science, Horror Official 300
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Eight-Ball Tee None Sporty 340
Elephant Shirt None Cute 420
Elephant Tee None Cute 260
Explorer Tee None Sporty 400
Fiendish Shirt None Flashy 680
Firefighter Shirt None Sporty 320
Fish Tee None Rock 'n' Roll 380
Fishing Vest None Sporty 420
Five-Ball Tee None Sporty 340
Flame Shirt None Rock 'n' Roll 420
Flame Tee None Rock 'n' Roll 360
Flight-Crew Shirt None Official 1200
Flowery Tee Natural Cute 480
Folk Tunic None Iconic 640
Four-Ball Tee None Sporty 340
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Fresh Tee None Sporty 380
Funky-Dot Tee None Cute 430
Gelato Shirt None Cute 420
Gelato Tee None Cute 330
Genie Shirt None Iconic 640
Gold-Armor Suit Antique, Horror Historical 540
Grape-Stripe Shirt None Modern 420
Grape-Stripe Tee None Modern 320
Grass Tee Natural Basic 580
Green Emblem Blazer None Official 420
Green Tie-Dye Tee None Basic 380
Green Warm-Up Jacket None Sporty 420
Green-Zap Suit Science, Hobby Sporty 640
Grey Tartan Shirt None Iconic 420
Grey Tartan Tee None Iconic 420
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Hanten Shirt Oriental Iconic 420
Happi Tee Oriental Iconic 420
Heart Tee Hobby Cute 360
Imperial Shirt Oriental Iconic 320
Jade Plaid Shirt None Modern 360
Jade Plaid Tee None Modern 360
Jagged Tee Stylish Rock 'n' Roll 360
Jinbei Top Oriental Iconic 420
Jockey Shirt None Sporty 420
Jungle-Camo Shirt None Rock 'n' Roll 420
Jungle-Camo Tee None Rock 'n' Roll 320

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