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Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Strategy Guide

Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 29-07-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 08-04-2020 / 17:59 GMT

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information


Common Tops (L to Z)

**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Kanji Tee Oriental Rock 'n' Roll 420
Kiddie Tee Stylish, Hobby Flashy 340
Kids' Smock None Cute 420
Kiwi Tee Natural Cute 640
Kung-Fu Shirt Oriental Sporty 420
Kung-Fu Tee Oriental Sporty 360
Leaf Tee Natural Cute 260
Leopard Tee None Rock 'n' Roll 320
Li'l Bro's Tee Hobby Sporty 320
Lite Polka Shirt None Cute 420
Lite Polka Tee None Cute 380
Melon Tee Natural Cute 640
Military Uniform Antique Official 380
Mint Gingham Shirt None Basic 420
Mint Gingham Tee None Basic 330
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Mint Shirt None Cute 420
Misty Tee None Historical 380
Moldy Shirt Horror Flashy 40
Mummy Shirt Horror Flashy 180
MVP Shirt None Sporty 370
MVP Tee None Sporty 370
Nebula Shirt None Flashy 420
Nebula Tee None Flashy 390
Night-Sky Tee None Modern 420
Nine-Ball Tee None Sporty 340
Ninja Shirt Oriental Historical 420
No. 1 Shirt None Sporty 250
No. 2 Shirt None Sporty 250
No. 23 Shirt None Sporty 250
No. 3 Shirt None Sporty 250
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
No. 4 Shirt None Sporty 250
No. 5 Shirt None Sporty 250
No. 67 Shirt None Sporty 250
Noble Shirt Antique Ornate 380
Noodle Tee Oriental Flashy 380
One-Ball Tee None Sporty 340
Optical Shirt Stylish Flashy 430
Orange Jacket Science Sporty 200
Orange Tie-Dye Tee None Basic 380
Pastel-Stripe Tee None Iconic 360
Paw Tee None Basic 360
Pep-Squad Tee None Sporty 280
Periwinkle Tee Oriental Iconic 380
Pink PJ Shirt None Basic 240
Pop Bloom Tee Natural Flashy 360
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Prism Tee None Flashy 370
Purple Tie-Dye Tee None Basic 380
Racer 6 Tee None Sporty 380
Racer Tee None Sporty 380
Racing Shirt Hobby Sporty 460
Raglan Shirt None Basic 420
Raglan Tee None Basic 420
Rally Tee None Sporty 380
Red Flannel Shirt None Basic 420
Red Jacket None Sporty 420
Red Tie-Dye Tee None Basic 380
Red Warm-up Suit None Sporty 260
Red-Bar Tee None Sporty 360
Red-Zap Suit Science, Hobby Sporty 640
Reggae Tee None Iconic 320
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Rose Tee Natural Cute 480
Rose-Sky Tee Natural Cute 320
Royal Shirt Antique Ornate 380
Rugby Shirt None Rock 'n' Roll 420
Rugby Tee None Rock 'n' Roll 360
Samurai Shirt Oriental, Antique, Horror Historical 640
Scale-Armor Suit Antique, Horror Historical 480
Scale-Print Tee Oriental Iconic 420
School Jacket None Official 420
Security Tee None Official 420
Seven-Ball Tee None Sporty 340
Six-Ball Tee None Sporty 340
Skull Shirt Horror Rock 'n' Roll 420
Skull Tee Horror Rock 'n' Roll 320
Snow Shirt None Basic 680
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Soccer Shirt None Sporty 420
Space Suit Science, Hobby Sporty 360
Spade Tee Hobby Basic 340
Splendid Tee Stylish Flashy 420
Star Tee None Flashy 370
Strawberry Tee Natural Cute 640
Sunset Tee None Basic 290
Sweater-Vest None Official 420
Swell Shirt Stylish Modern 400
Swell Tee Stylish Modern 400
Team NTDO Tee None Sporty 320
Three-Ball Tee None Sporty 340
Tin Shirt Horror Flashy 400
Two-Ball Tee None Sporty 340
U-R-Here Tee None Rock 'n' Roll 350
**Item** **HHA Theme** **Style** **Buying Price**
Vegetarian Shirt None Basic 420
Vegetarian Tee None Basic 280
Vertigo Shirt Oriental Historical 420
Vertigo Tee Oriental Historical 380
Work Shirt None Official 420
Wrap Shirt Antique Sporty 320
Yellow-Bar Shirt None Basic 420
Yellow-Bar Tee None Basic 320
Zipper Shirt None Rock 'n' Roll 320

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    Social simulation
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    29 July 2013
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    1 November 2019
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    James Bowden

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