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Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Strategy Guide

Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 29-07-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 07-07-2020 / 09:43 GMT

These furniture can be obtained through special events during 25th February to 31st May.


Date : February or March

Note : Hand over three coloured feathers or a rainbow feather to Pavé for a prize.

**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style**
Pave Bed Stylish Fancy
Pave Bookshelf Stylish Fancy
Pave Bureau Stylish Fancy
Pave Chair Stylish Fancy
Pave Chest Stylish Fancy
Pave Clock Stylish Fancy
Pave Closet Stylish Fancy
Pave End Table Stylish Fancy
Pave Lamp Stylish Fancy
Pave Sofa Stylish Fancy
Pave Table Stylish Fancy

Great Full Moon

Date : February or March

Note : Speak to Isabelle in the plaza (Korea only).

**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style**
Bureom Oriental Traditional

Girls Day

Date : 3rd March

Note : Speak to Isabelle in the plaza (Japan only).

**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style**
Rice Cake Oriental Traditional


Date : March or April

Note : Find easter eggs hidden around town and hand them to the Easter Bunny for a prize.

An egg-scelent selection of furniture (sorry!).

**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style**
Egg Basket None Traditional
Egg Bed Hobby Fancy
Egg Bench Hobby Fancy
Egg Chair Hobby Fancy
Egg Clock Hobby Fancy
Egg Dresser Hobby Fancy
Egg Lamp Hobby Fancy
Egg Stereo Hobby Fancy
Egg Table Hobby Fancy
Egg Toy Set Hobby Fancy
Egg TV Hobby Fancy
Egg Wardrobe Hobby Fancy

Arbor Day

Date : 5th April

Note : Speak to Isabelle in the plaza (Korea only).

**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style**
Hibiscus Natural, Oriental Safe

Earth Day

Date : 22nd April

Note : Speak to Isabelle in the plaza (North America only).

**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style**
Cool Globe Antique, Science Modern

Weeding Day

Date : Last Friday of April (North America), Last Saturday of April (Europe), 3rd September (Japan), 2nd March (Korea)

Note 1 : Speak to Leif after pulling all the weeds in your town or 30 or more weeds in other towns for a prize.

Note 2 : You can also acquire these furniture by letting weeds grow en masse in your town.

Is this a garden or a room? Who can tell...

**Furniture** **HHA Theme** **Style**
Azalea Stool Fairytale, Natural Fancy
Cosmos Fan Fairytale, Natural Fancy
Flower Bouquet Natural Fancy
Hibiscus Clock Fairytale, Natural Fancy
Hydrangea Bed Fairytale, Natural Fancy
Lily Lamp Antique, Fairytale Fancy
Lily Record Player Fairytale, Natural Fancy
Pansy Table Fairytale, Natural Fancy
Rose Sofa Fairytale, Natural Fancy
Sunflower Stereo Fairytale, Natural Fancy
Tulip Dresser Fairytale, Natural Fancy
Violet Screen Fairytale, Natural Fancy

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