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Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Strategy Guide

Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 29-07-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 07-04-2020 / 12:48 GMT

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Nook's Homes

Doors and Mailboxes

Doors and mailboxes are important for first impressions.

Square Doors

These are located in the centre of Nook’s shop, in front of the exterior wall display.

**Name** **Price** **(bells)** **** **Theme**
Astro Door 4000 Stylish/Science/Hobby
Bamboo Door 4000 Oriental/Natural
Basic Door 4000 N/A
Blue Door 4000 N/A
Beige Door 4000 Antique/Stylish
Brown Door 4000 Antique
Cabin Door 4000 Natural
Classic Door 4000 Natural/Antique
Fairytale Door 4000 Fairytale
Fish Door 4000 Natural/Antique
Gloomy Door 4000 Antique/Science/Horror
Heavy Door 4000 N/A
Imperial Door 4000 Oriental
Kiddie Door 4000 Hobby
Melon Door 4000 Fairytale/Hobby
**Name** **Price** **(bells)** **** **Theme**
Mermaid Door 4000 Fairytale
Metal Door 4000 Stylish/Science/Hobby/Horror
Pink Door 4000 Stylish/Fairytale
Shanty Door 4000 Science/Horror
Sweets Door 4000 Fairytale
Yellow Door 4000 Fairytale/Hobby
Zen Door 4000 Oriental/Natural/Horror

Arched Doors

These are located in the centre of Nook’s shop, in front of the exterior wall display.

**Name** **Price** **(bells)** **** **Theme**
Arched Astro Door 4000 Stylish/Science/Hobby
Arched Bamboo Door 4000 Oriental/Natural
Arched Beige Door 4000 Stylish
Arched Blue Door 4000 Fairytale
Arched Brown Door 4000 Antique
Arched Cabin Door 4000 Natural
Arched Circle Door 4000 N/A
Arched Fairytale Door 4000 Fairytale
Arched Fish Door 4000 Natural/Antique
Arched Gloomy Door 4000 Antique/Science/Horror
Arched Golden Door HRA reward Natural/Hobby
Arched Green Door 4000 N/A
Arched Heavy Door 4000 N/A
Arched Imperial Door 4000 Oriental
Arched Kiddie Door 4000 Hobby
**Name** **Price** **(bells)** **** **Theme**
Arched Melon Door 4000 Fairytale/Hobby
Arched Mermaid Door 4000 Fairytale
Arched Metal Door 4000 Stylish/Science/Hobby/Horror
Arched Pink Door 4000 Stylish/Fairytale
Arched Shanty Door 4000 Science/Horror
Arched Sweets Door 4000 Fairytale
Arched Yellow Door 4000 Fairytale/Hobby
Arched Zen Door 4000 Oriental/Natural/Horror


These are located in the centre of Nook’s shop, in front of the roof display.

**Name** **Price** **(bells)** **Theme**
Barrel Mailbox 3600 Oriental/Natural/Antique/Hobby
Blue Mailbox 3600 Science/Hobby
Cabana Mailbox 3600 Oriental/Natural/Horror
Cyan Mailbox 3600 Stylish/Science/Hobby
Fairytale Mailbox 3600 Fairytale
Green Mailbox 3600 Science/Hobby
Golden Mailbox HRA reward Antique/Hobby
Light-Blue Mailbox 3600 N/A
Mermaid Mailbox 3600 Fairytale
Metal Mailbox 3600 Antique/Stylish/Science/Hobby/Horror
New Leaf Color Mailbox 3600 Stylish/Science/Hobby
Orange Mailbox 3600 Oriental/Antique
Pink Mailbox 3600 Natural/Fairytale
Red Mailbox 3600 Oriental/Hobby
Regal Mailbox 3600 Antique/Fairytale
**Name** **Price** **(bells)** **Theme**
Shabby Mailbox 3600 Horror
Square Mailbox 3600 Stylish/Hobby
Stainless Mailbox 3600 Stylish/Science/Hobby
Sweets Mailbox 3600 Fairytale
White Mailbox 3600 Oriental/Natural/Antique
Wooden Mailbox 3600 Oriental/Natural/Antique
Yellow Mailbox 3600 Hobby
Zen Mailbox 3600 Oriental/Natural/Horror

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