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Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Strategy Guide

Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 29-07-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 02-07-2020 / 12:23 GMT

The Post Office

Special Presents (DLC)

A lot of games these days include some form of DLC and Animal Crossing: New Leaf is no different.

All the DLC in this game is free and already inside the game, but you just need a way to unlock them... and that's where the ever-useful Post Office comes in!

There are two methods of obtaining DLC:

Asking For A Present

If only we could get a Full Moon Vanity delivered to us in real life...

When your 3DS or 2DS can connect to the internet, speak to Pelly or Phyllis inside the Post Office and choose the "Ask for a present" option. Your 3DS or 2DS will connect to the internet and download any available DLC items.

You will get a different item depending on whether you connect to a standard internet connection (for example, your own) or a public "Nintendo Zone" connection. So if you're a mad collector, you'll want to connect to both.

To find your nearest Nintendo Zone, just check Nintendo's official website. Alternatively, for the tech-savvy, you can fake your own Nintendo Zone if you have a modern wireless router.

Simply rename your SSID to "_The Cloud" if you live in Europe or "Bestbuy" in North America.

You may have to temporarily turn down the wireless security so your 3DS or 2DS will connect (although if you can connect to your internet normally, you shouldn't have a problem).

As a general rule of thumb, there will be a new standard DLC at the start of each month and a Nintendo Zone DLC every two weeks.

After a while, some DLC may be repeated (which is good if you missed them, but a bit annoying if you already have them!).

Here is a general list of the monthly DLC for all regions:

**Item** **Date**
Rainbow Screen June
Palm Tree Lamp July
Fireworks Table August
Full Moon Vanity September
Riceplant Bed October
Autumn Leaf Chair November
Tree-Stump Chair December
Sunrise Lamp January
Aurora Screen February
Sprout Table March
Cherry-Blossom Clock April
Leaf Bed May

After a whole year of DLC, the above DLC will replaced with 12 DLC items based on the Western zodiac, such as the Aquarius Urn.

The Nintendo Zone DLC varies wildly depending on the region--some items will be released earlier in one region or not at all. The available items (in Europe and North America) include, but are not limited to:

Raccoon Wall Clock Cat Tower Shaved Ice Lamp Rolling Suitcase White Police Cap Afternoon Tea Set Double Neck Guitar Pumpkin Pie Fedora Chair Sushi Platter Topknot Wig

Surprise Delivery

If you have enabled SpotPass for Animal Crossing on your 3DS or 2DS, every now and then, when your 3DS or 2DS automatically connects to the internet, you may receive a surprise present.

The next time you load up your game, Pete the delivery man (or pelican, rather) will be standing outside your door with the gift in hand.

If you're afraid of missing a present, simply follow the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Facebook or Twitter for your region to receive regular updates.

The available items (in Europe and North America) include, but are not limited to:

Slushie Machine Pile of Leaves Flamenco Hat Tam O'Shanter Turkey Kadomatsu

Via Trading

Trading is an easy way to get rare stuff, period.

Okay, we lied: there's another way to obtain DLC, but it should be common sense and that's to get it from another player.

As we mentioned earlier, the DLC is already in the game, so it makes no difference whether you download them from Nintendo or get them from other people.

Just be warned that some DLC may require a lot of bargaining (or cheating) to acquire due to their rareness. Fortunately, a lot of DLC can be reordered from the catalogue, making them less rare.

These DLC can not be reordered: Shaved Ice Lamp, Afternoon Tea Set, Pumpkin Pie, Fedora Chair, Turkey

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