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Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Strategy Guide

Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 29-07-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 09-04-2020 / 23:18 GMT

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Timmy and Tommy Nook

The Shop

Aww, these cute kids running the massive furniture monopoly.

Buying Items

The Nook twins run their store on Main Street and offer furniture, tools, wallpaper, carpet, stationary and fortune cookies. Fortune cookies can only be bought using play coins (2 per cookie) so get running!

The fortunes inside the cookies can be redeemed for cool Nintendo items (my favourite so far is the Tri-Force). See the fortune cookies section for a list of all the items you can get from fortune cookies.

Once you’ve upgraded to T & T Mart you can use the catalogue in the corner to order a number of items. Some things, like the Nintendo items from fortune cookies, cannot be ordered. Anything you order will be delivered to your house the next day.

Upgrading The Shop

You’ll notice that the shop has a limited selection when you first move into your town. Thankfully the owners will carry out renovations from time to time so that your selection grows. See below for details on when your shop will be upgraded.

Nookling Junction


  • Move into town
  • **Ordinance** **Opening Hours**
    Normal 8am – 10pm
    Early Bird 6am – 10pm
    Night Owl 8am – 12am

    T & T Mart


  • Buy your house
  • Spend 12000 bells at Nookling Junction
  • Live in your town for 10 days
  • **Ordinance** **Opening Hours**
    Normal 7am – 12pm
    Early Bird 6am – 12pm
    Night Owl 7am – 5am

    Super T & T


  • Spend 25000 bells at T & T Mart
  • Wait for 10 days from the opening of the Gardening Store
  • **Ordinance** **Opening Hours**
    Normal 9am – 8pm
    Early Bird 6am – 8pm
    Night Owl 9am – 12am



  • Spend 50000 bells at Super T & T
  • Wait for 21 days from the opening of the Gardening Store and Super T & T
  • **Ordinance** **Opening Hours**
    Normal 10am – 11pm
    Early Bird 6am – 11pm
    Night Owl 10am – 3am

    T & T Emporium


  • Spend 10000 bells
  • Complete 4 'satisfactory' Gracie Fashion Checks
  • Wait 30 days from the opening of T.I.Y
  • **Ordinance** **Opening Hours**
    Normal 9am – 9pm
    Early Bird 6am – 9pm
    Night Owl 9am – 12am

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