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Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Strategy Guide

Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 29-07-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 07-04-2020 / 14:28 GMT

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Phineas The Sea Lion

Badge Bonanza

Phineas... he's watching your every movement...

Phineas will give you badges for completing certain objectives. Think of it like achievements exclusive to Animal Crossing.

When you’ve completed the requirements for a badge, Phineas will be wandering in your town. Speak to him to get your badge.

**Badge** **Requirements**
Good Fishing Use your fishing rod 500 times
Fishing Expert Use your fishing rod 2000 times
Fishing Master Use your fishing rod 5000 times
Good Bug Catching Use your bug net 500 times
Bug Catching Expert Use your bug net 2000 times
Bug Catching Master Use your bug net 5000 times
Diving Expert Dive 100 times
Pro Diver Dive 200 times
Master Diver Dive 1000 times
Fish Professor Catch half of all types of fish
Fish Maniac Catch 80% of all types of fish
Walking Fish Encyclopedia Catch all types of fish
Insect Maniac Catch half of all types of bugs
Insect Professor Catch 80% of all types of bugs
Walking Insect Encyclopedia Catch all types of bugs
**Badge** **Requirements**
Sea Creature Professor Catch half of all types of sea creatures
Sea Creature Maniac Catch 80% of all types of sea creatures
Walking Sea Creature Encyclopedia Catch all types of sea creatures
Balloon Hunter Pop 300 Balloons
Balloon Buster Pop 1500 Balloons
Balloon Sniper Pop 5000 Balloons
Bronze Badgeist Earn 300 Badges from Island Tours
Silver Badgeist Earn 1500 Badges from Island Tours
Gold Badgeist Earn 5000 Badges from Island Tours
Gardener Plant 100 items
Village Gardener Plant 250 items
Gardening Artisan Plant 500 items
Weeds Hunter Pull 500 Weeds
Weeds Buster Pull 2000 Weeds
Weeds Sniper Pull 5000 Weeds
**Badge** **Requirements**
Skilled Saver Save 1000000 bells
Millionaire Save 10000000 bells
Billionaire Save 1000000000 bells
Amateur Stock Trader Make 500000 bells by selling turnips
Pro Stock Trader Make 3000000 bells by selling turnips
Famous Stock Trader Make 10000000 bells by selling turnips
Skilled Shopper Spend 500000 bells in stores
Shopping Maniac Spend 2000000 bells in stores
Famous Buyer Spend 5000000 bells in stores
Remake Beginner Have Cyrus remake 30 things
Remake Expert Have Cyrus remake 100 things
Remake Master Have Cyrus remake 200 things
Catalog Maniac Bronze Complete 20% of the catalogue
Catalog Maniac Silver Complete half of the catalogue
Catalog Maniac Gold Complete 80% of the catalogue
**Badge** **Requirements**
Happy Home Bronze Earn 50000 points with Happy Home Academy
Happy Home Silver Earn 100000 points with Happy Home Academy
Happy Home Gold Earn 150000 points with Happy Home Academy
K.K. Slider Fan See K.K. Slider live 20 times
K.K. Slider Regular See K.K. Slider live 50 times
K.K. Slider Groupie See K.K. Slider live 100 times
Good Person Fulfil 50 villager requests
Kind Person Fulfil 100 Villager Requests
Village Concierge Fulfil 200 villager requests
Letter Enthusiast Send 50 letters
Good Correspondent Send 100 letters
Amazing Correspondent Send 200 letters
Skilled StreetPasser Get 100 StreetPasses
StreetPass Expert Get 300 StreetPasses
StreetPass Master Get 1000 StreetPasses
**Badge** **Requirements**
Neighborhood Traveler Visit other towns 100 times
World Traveler Visit other towns 250 times
Space Traveler Visit other towns 500 times
Good Host Be visited by others 50 times
Pro Host Be visited by others 200 times
Goodwill Ambassador Be visited by others 500 times
Dreamer Visit 50 Dream Towns
Big Dreamer Visit 200 Dream Towns
Eternal Dreamer Visit 500 Dream Towns
Village Representative Play for 50 hours
Celebrity Villager Play for 200 hours
Esteemed Villager Play for 500 hours

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