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Assassin's Creed: Unity
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 23-02-2019 / 13:58 GMT

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Murder Mysteries

Missions 1-7

Murder Foretold

Clues / Statements
**Monastery:** Body, Body of Friar Benoit, Body of Friar Bernard, Body of Friar Stanislaus, Crumpled Paper, Partially burnt diary, Property of Friar Honore, Property of Friar Jean, Statement of Friar Benedict, Statement of Friar Honore, Statement of Friar Joseph, Statement of the Abbot, Statement of the Vineyard Worker

Solution: Friar Honore is located in the south end of the monastery.

The Body in the Brothel

Clues / Statements
**Brothel:** Diary, Ropes and gag, Spikes and hooks, Statement of Anna, Statement of Micheline, Whip, Woman's body
**De Sade Villa:** Letter to valet, Statement of the Marquis de Sade, Statement of the Valet
**Leather Shop:** Delivery book, Statement of the Leather Worker
**Student's Hovel:** Book: 120 Days of Sodom by Donatien A-F, Marquis de Sade, Statement of the Student
**Meeting Place:** Statement of the Vagabond
**House:** Mysterious letter, Scrapbook

Solution: De Sade's Valet is located in De Sade's Villa.

The Body Politic

Clues / Statements
**Dining Room:** Man's body, Necklace, Statement of Antoine Gerard, Statement of Madeleine Gerard, Statement of Mme Hennebert, Statement of Olivier Gedet, Victim's wine glass
**Office:** Feuillant letter, Note from Gedet
**Kitchen:** Note to Alicia, Statement of Alicia, Statement of Armand, Window pane
**Andre House:** Bottle, Note for Andre, Statement of the Old Woman
**Black Office:** Agent list, Note from chemist, Note to agent, Report
**Apothecary:** Statement of Andre
**Glassmakers:** Glass bead, List of accounts, Statement of the Glassmaker

Solution: Antoine Gerard is located by the window, looking outside.

The Red Ghost of the Tuileries

Clues / Statements
**Office:** Bank registry, Body of Director Beaudoin, Invitation, Love letter, Marks on wall, Newspaper, Oil painting, Personal letter, Statement of Counsellor LeGall, Statement of First Valet, Statement of Second Valet, Statement of Third Valet, Vent trap, Vials
**von Gluck Mansion:** Empty bottles, Report, Statement of Brigitta von Gluck, Statement of Friedrich von Gluck
**Gambling Den:** Ledger, Set of dueling pistols, Statement of Cardplayer, Statement of Creditor
**Victim's House:** Glass vials, Historical books and papers, Letter from Counselor LeGall, Letter from Creditor, Religious objects, Suicide note
**Counselor's House:** A genealogical tree, Letter from Beaudoin, Official-looking letter
**Apothecary Shop:** Statement of the Apothecary
**Secret Room:** Levers, Mouthpiece, Pot and brush, Red garmet

Solution: Counselor LeGall is located in the southwest corner of the room in the Tuileries.

Barber of Seville

Clues / Statements
**Courtyard:** Body, Handbill
**Cafe / Love Nest:** Body, Crumpled note, Razor, Statement of Cafe Owner, Theatre poster
**Outdoor Theatre:** Anonymous note, Costume rack, Fire site, Prop table, Rendezvous note, Statement of Ficarron, Statement of Pascal, Statement of Rose

Solution: The actor Ficarron is on the stage with Rose.

Hot Chocolate to Die For

Clues / Statements
**Garden:** Flower garden, Overturned cup, Ring, Statement of Amelie Moncoisin, Woman's body
**Kitchen:** Kitchen supplies, Mortar and pestle, Statement of the Maid
**Study:** Book: Paris Society, Commonplace book, Crumpled letter, Documents
**Dining Room:** Letter to Pierre, Silver pot, Snuffbox, Statement of Georges Villiers-Segonac, Statement of Pierre Duclos
**Terrace:** Statement of Lucille Tuchet

Solution: The victim's sister, Amelie, is located in the garden by the corpse.

Bones of Contention

Clues / Statements
**Shore:** Dirty sackcloth bag, Statement of National Guardsman, Statement of the Boatman
**Tavern:** Statement of Barkeep
**Bella's House:** Letter from Jamie, Statement of Bella, Statement of Jamie MacArthur, Statement of Old Woman
**Shop:** List of Errands, Statement of the Shopkeeper
**Butcher Shop:** Bloody bucket, Butcher's block, Large sackcloth bag, Small bag, Statement of the Butcher
**Jamie's House:** Crumpled letter, Letters from Bella

Solution: Bella's boyfriend, Jamie MacArthur, is located near Bella in her house.

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