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Assassin's Creed: Unity
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 23-02-2019 / 13:51 GMT

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Murder Mysteries

Missions 8-14

Ancestral Vengeance

Clues / Statements
**Teragon's House:** A book: Almanac: Ile de la Cite - XII, A book: History of France, volume 4, Bloody symbol, Dead body, Newspaper, Partially burned letter, Statement of Madame Teragon, Torture device
**Grimany's House:** Bloody symbol, Dead body, Letter from Teragon, Torture devices
**De Prasi's House:** Murderer's blood trail x2, Statement of Victor de Prasi, Torture devices
**Street:** Murderer's blood trail
**Locked House:** Statement of Anne de Molay

Solution: Anne de Molay is located inside the locked house.

A Dash of Poison

Clues / Statements
**Alley:** Bloody vomit, Drops of black liquid, Empty coin purse, Man's body, Small glass vial
**Merchant Stall:** Purses, Tonic bottle, Tonics and medicine, Statement of the Merchant
**Workshop:** Letter from Samuel Maran, Medicine bottles, Notebook, Pestle and mortar, Statement of the Chemist
**Apothecary Stand:** Chemistry books and journals, Medicinal tonics, Pestle and mortar, Statement of the Apothecary, Supplies

Solution: Samuel Maran, the apothecary, is located at his stand.

The Death of Philibert Aspairt

Clues / Statements
**Catacombs:** Bible, Crate of Chartreuse, Loose beads, Old satchel, Set of keys, Worn shovel
**Apothecary Stand:** Statement of the Apothecary
**Merchant Stall:** New shovels, Statement of the Merchant, Supplies
**Tavern:** Bottles of Chartreuse, Bottles of wine and liquor, Statement of Antoine Danis, Statement of Catherine Doyere, Statement of Navarre Cavery, Statement of the Barkeep
**Convent:** Bottles of Chartreuse, Stack of Bibles, Statement of the Nun, The blood of Christ
**Graveyard:** Half buried coffin, Shovel, Small wooden cross, Statement of the Gravedigger

Solution: Sister Sorel, the nun, stands outside the convent.

The Decapitated Warden

Clues / Statements
**Tannery:** Dissolving corpse, Short sword, Statement of Mathieu Rochon, Statement of the Tannery Owner
**Jewelry Shop:** Statement of the Jewelry Shop Owner
**Blacksmith Shop:** Statement of the Blacksmith
**Warden's House:** Letter, Letter from Warden Leroux, Statement of Henevieve Cerne, Statement of Julien Lamond, Statement of Minette Rosier, Statement of the Mme Camille
**Tavern:** Statement of Danton Marotte, Statement of the Barkeep
**Prison:** Head on a pike, Statement of Deputy Warden

Solution: Deputy Hugo is located at the prison, next to the head on a pike.

Cut the Middle Man

Clues / Statements
**Cemetery:** Dead body, Footprints, Satchel, Seaweed
**Gate:** Statement of the Asylum Director
**Asylum:** A book: Guide to Fish Species, Fishing hook, Mattress, Statement of the Asylum Inmate, Torn medical journal
**Office:** Statement of the Surgeon, Statement of the Surgeon's Assistant
**Shack:** Cleaver, Leather straps, Pile of corpses, Torn journal
**Dock:** Human limb, Statement of the Fisherman
**House:** Raw meat, Signs of struggle, Statement of Leon Doiron, Trail of blood
**Butcher Shop:** Butcher's knives, Statement of the Butcher, Statement of the Butcher's Assistant

Solution: The Butcher's Assistant is located in at the butchers, usually sitting on the floor.

The Hand of Science

Clues / Statements
**Courtyard:** Bloody bible, Exam of Lionel Viala, Exam of Pierre Simeoni, Statement of Lionel Viala, Statement of Pierre Simeoni, Trial of blood
**School:** Chemical vials, Lesson plan, Smashed bottles, Statement of Professor Frison, Statement of the School Caretaker
**Bedroom:** Key, L'avantcourer Journal
**Office:** List of chemicals, Manifesto, Scarp of paper
**Church:** Statement of the Church Deacon, Statement of the Priest

Solution: Professor Frison is located in the school, by the stairs.

The Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat

Clues / Statements
**Marat's House:** Bloody knife, Empty Bottle of tonic, Letter from Charlotte Corday, List of Girondin traitors, Statement of Jacques-Louis David, The Friend of the People
**Street:** Statement of Chantelle Naves, Statement of Jacqueline Perel, Statement of Madeline LeClair
**Apothecary Stall:** Statement of the Apothecary
**Merchant Stall:** Providence Hotel Handbill, Statement of the Merchant
**Sewer:** Corpse, Letter from Simmone Evrard
**Hotel:** Letter from Charlotte Corday, Plutarch's Parallel Lives
**Prison:** Statement of Albertine Marat, Statement of Charlotte Corday, Statement of Jasper Lasalle, Statement of Simmone Evrard, Statement of Theron Brignac
**Shop:** Statement of Dominique Buches

Solution: Charlotte Corday is located in the northeast corner of the prison.

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