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Assassin's Creed: Unity
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Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 21-03-2019 / 12:37 GMT

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Paris Stories

Missions 1-10

Tall, Dark Strangers

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Talk to Mademoiselle Lenormand in her house to begin this quest and then follow through the streets of Paris. Each time Lenormand pauses she will identify a target for you to kill, which you can identify with Eagle Vision.

  • The first target is a farmer that can be targeted with a Phantom Blade.
  • The second target is a soldier in a crowded plaza, where he usually gets in a fight and dies.
  • The third target is inside a house on the left that you can easily enter and stab from behind.
  • The final target is in a small courtyard behind the buildings.
Return to Lenormand to complete the missions.

Follow Lenormand through the streets taking out the targets.

Flamels Secret: The Monks

Unlocks: Complete Tall, Dark Strangers

Talk to Mademoiselle Lenormand to learn that monks are after Nicholas Flamel’s Elixir of Life and have found one part of the key.

Make your way to Notre Dame and enter the nave to blend in with the crowd and use Eagle Vision to identify the monks to the left. Despite the game marking multiple monks in gold with "Steal" above their heads, the monk you must steal from is the on that walks through the area. Wait for him to walk into the crowd and stop to talk to the monk by the altar and then walk up to steal the key. You can now return to Lenormand to complete the mission.

Flamels Secret: Denis Molinier

Unlocks: Complete Flamel’s Secret: The Monks

Talk to Mademoiselle Lenormand, who suspects that Denis Molinier has the other piece of the key to Nicholas Flamel’s laboratory.

Molinier’s townhouse is pretty far away, so open up the map and fast travel to the Ile Saint-Louis’ viewpoints. Head directly south to the U-shaped building via the rooftops and look down into the courtyard to spot Molinier walking from one courtyard into the building and then back out. Hop over the ledge and climb down the pediment on the left side of the facade and find an open window and enter.

The guard inside will walk over to the fireplace as you enter, so walk up behind him and kill him to clear the area. Head upstairs and check the safe in the corner of the bedroom to mark Molinier. Exit out the window you came through and climb back up to the roof.

Enter the window to reach the safe and then hop in the haycart to quietly kill Molinier.

To get the key from Molinier you’ll want to leap of faith into the haycart and wait for Molinier to pass to quietly kill him. With the safe key in hand, head back upstairs to get the other half of Flamel’s key and then return to Lenormand.

Flamels Secret: The Elixir of Life

Unlocks: Complete Flamel’s Secret: Denis Molinier

Talk to Mademoiselle Lenormand to begin the final mission in her chain.

Open the map and mark the underground entrance in the far southeast of the Notre Dame search zone. Make your way to the well and climb down and follow the tunnel a short way to find three monks, who you can kill with Phantom Blades or a Berserk Blade. In the next part of the tunnel two stationary guards block the entrance to Flamel’s laboratory, but two quick Phantom Blades will deal with them. Enter Flamel’s lab, grab the Elixir, and return to Lenormand.

Using the OlNoggins

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Talk to Mme Tussaud, who needs you to find severed heads to make masks of famous victims of the guillotine.

Start by talking to the assistant nearby and the two upstairs to learn the locations of the three heads and then make your way to the palace. The best entrance into the busy courtyard is to climb the right side of the building to reach the landing and then leap of faith into the haycart below. There are three bags, but only the one on the main platform has the head you are looking for. Make your way through the crowd to the left of the platform and then circle around the back either with the Disguise ability or with Smoke Bombs to collect the head.

If you exit the palace to the west by climbing to the roof you should be able to jump down into the next search zone. Wait for the guard to come over to the haycart to kill him quietly and then use Eagle Vision to spot your next target, who you should have no problem sneaking up on and killing to steal the key he carries. A few steps south you should find another man, this one carrying letter.

The second head is inside the Conciergerie building to the north, so make your way there and climb up to a window to enter the floor above the heads. As you walk down the stairs the guard should be facing away, leaning over a book, so kill him and collect the final two heads. You can now return to Mme Tussaud to complete the mission.

Take out the guard leaning over the table and retrieve both heads before returning to Mme.


Unlocks: Complete Using the Ol’Noggins

Talk to Mme Tussaund to learn that a man named Jean Lessard is pissed that she escaped the guillotine and wishes her dead. Afraid for her life, Mme won’t return to her shop and needs Arno to take the man out.

Head north to Mme’s shop and ignore the men downstairs, head straight upstairs to examine the letter to learn where Lessard is located. Make your way to the search area to the southwest and blend with the crowd to spot Lessard with Eagle Vision. He should walk into an adjacent courtyard, where you can follow via the crowds to kill him quietly. Once dead you can leave the area to complete the mission.

Sewer Rat

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Talk to the assassin on the rooftop to learn that a convict has escaped prison and needs to be taken care of before he makes his way to the Templars and reveals secrets of the Assassin Brotherhood.

Instead of entering the obvious sewer entrance directly in front of you, open the map and mark the sewer entrance to the west of the restricted zone. By entering the sewer from the opposite end you will be closer to Rotondo and can avoid most of the combat. Enter the sewers and slide under the bars to reach the first chamber and drop down. Head north a few steps and use Eagle vision to find Rotondo walking nearby, so use line of sight to draw him away from the guards and kill him. You can now leave the area to complete the mission.

A La Lanterne!

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

The goal of this mission is to escort the grieving noblewoman through the streets to her final destination. Simply follow the woman and take out any Extremists you come across that attack her. Luckily, the Duchess is nice enough to engage in combat with you, allowing you to sneak up behind them for some quick kills. When she reaches her destination you will complete the mission.

The Great Escape

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

The escapee of the Bastille wants you to go in and steal back his means of escape, a famous rope ladder.

Make your way to the waymarker on the east side of the Bastille and wait for him to head south to climb the stairs and take cover in the curtained hiding spot. When the man returns he will walk right past you, allowing you to kill him and retrieve the prison manifest.

The easiest way to reach the rope ladder is by circling around to the west side of the Bastille and climbing up to the window. Be careful before entering the window and then turn left to slide through the small gap beneath the fence covered with a white sheet. You need only assassinate the Brute to retrieve the rope ladder and then return it to the escapee.

Critical Comedown

Unlocks: Sequence 02, Memory 01

Talk to Beaumarchais, who wants you to take care of the Public Censors that are suppressing new theatrical plays.

Make your way to the search zone to find the critic, who is all alone with no bodyguards. Wait for the critic to exit the search area so he is away from any guards and then choose to either steal the review or kill him and then steal the review. With the review in hand, head to the south side of the new search zone and use Eagle Vision to find the Chief Censor. The easiest way to reach the Chief Censor is to access the second floor window to the right of his location and then take the stairs down to kill him. You can now exit the area to complete the mission.

Locate the Chief Censor and then enter through the window to assassinate him.

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