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Assassin's Creed: Unity
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 23-02-2019 / 13:50 GMT

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Sequence 04

Memory 01 - The Kingdom of Beggars

Optional Objectives:

  • Two Phantom Blade kills
  • Two Cherry Bomb lures

Make your way to the Assassin Headquarters to fill in the order and receive the Phantom Blade, a long range weapon that takes the place of darts in previous games.

Return to the Assassin Headquarters to upgrade your weapons.

Begin the memory in the la Cour des Miracles, where you will have to search to find the Templar La Touche. Despite the obvious path of heading through the search zone, it is actually faster to turn right and skirt the outside of the search zone to find La Touche in back corner of the search area in a small room with a man screaming.

After the scene, in which you may recognize the Marquis de Sade from his naked appearance in the Bastille, use Eagle Vision to see the bloody trail and follow it in stealth mode.

Skirt the search area to find La Touche playing doctor in the back of the area.

As you approach La Touche’s location he will begin a set pattern through the twisting maze of buildings. Instead of following La Touche directly you’ll want to dead straight down the stairs to the opening across the way and turn right and then left, stopping just before the T-section. Wait for La Touche to turn right after yelling at someone before you head across the gap and then make your way outside.

Hide in the crowds as you follow La Touche from a distance and when you lose sight of him climb up the wooden structure straight ahead and use Eagle Vision to keep sight of him. Climb up to the left, since the spikes should be straight in front of you, and then carefully cross over the roof of the building and kill the first guard with the Phantom Blade. If you look off to the right, past the chimney, you should spot another guard on the roofs not to far away that can be killed to complete the optional objective.

Climb to the rooftops and take out the guards before they spot you.

Stay on the wooden platform of the building and continue to use Eagle Vision to tail La Touche until he exits below you and then hop to the adjacent building across the way to reach the nearby tower and climb up to a wooden perch where you can follow La Touche’s progress across the street for a scene.

On the same level that you are on you should see another beam that points out toward the street that can be used to jump to the buildings in the restricted zone. Climb up to the roof and quickly air assassinate the guard on the other side before he spots you and then continue straight along the side of the search zone via the building roofs.

When you reach the tallest building you should see two guards on balconies: one hiding at the corner of the search area and the other on the balcony we want to jump to just below you. Make sure to take the one out in the distance with a Phantom Blade first, since he poses a threat of discovery, and then air assassinate the closer balcony guard.

Make sure to take out the guards that pose a threat before you head inside to find La Touche.

The guard inside the building will remain facing the window, but you can either quickly jump in and kill him or use a Cherry Bomb to distract him. No more guards stand between you and La Touche downstairs, so head down and enter the door for a scene.

You now need to escape the area by heading out the same way you came in, but make sure that before you leave the area you toss a Cherry Bomb into the courtyard of the buildings to complete the second optional objective.

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