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Assassin's Creed: Unity
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 23-02-2019 / 13:57 GMT

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Sequence 08

Memory 01 - The Kings Correspondence

Optional Objectives:

  • Sabotage three alarm bells
  • Perform three cover kills

Head to the Assassin HQ to learn that Mirabeau was in correspondence with the king and the letters need to be recovered before they end up in the Templars hands.

Head to the Assassin HQ to learn of Mirabeau's letters to the king.

After gaining control outside the palace descend and walk through the crowds on the outskirts of the restricted area until you reach the far wall and climb up to the roof.

If you look right you’ll see a sniper, but you don’t want to get his attention by simply walking up to him. Hop over to the other side of the building and climb along its side to get behind him on the next tower and air assassinate him.

Climb back up the tower and turn right to spot a Brute patrolling below and when he begins to walk away descend and stealth kill him, along with the sniper on the railing to the right. Return to the other side of the building and look below to spot two guards patrolling in a circle and one patrolling in the middle.

Wait for the two patrols to pass under Arno and do a double air assassination. This will draw the attention of the third guards, who you want to kill without drawing the attention of any of the nearby guards or allowing him to ring the bell. You can now sabotage the first bell.

Climb the outer side of the building to avoid the snipers gaze (left). When approaching the Brute on the next roof make sure he is walking away before dropping to the ground (right).

Carefully head northeast and use headshots to quietly take out the two guards. On the opposite side, take cover and shoot the far guard so the other walks over to check the corpse, allowing you to sneak up behind him for a stealth kill. You can now sabotage the second bell and then return to the first and climb back up to the roof.

Look down into the courtyard and leap of faith into the haycart below. Wait for the guard to walk over and kill him and then check the location of the other guards. Wait for the Brute to begin to walk away and then enter stealth mode and sneak through the rubble to the bell and sabotage it, making sure to return to the haycart before the Brute begins to walk back. Head the opposite way this time and hop the small wall to climb the ladder on the other side to assassinate the sniper.

Use Phantom Blades to quietly take out the guards (left). After jumping into the haycart, wait for the guards to clear before sneaking to the bell (right).

You can now climb in the building and turn right, taking cover behind an overturned table. Wait for the Brute to leave the room and then cover assassinate the guard and then head to the other door. Take cover while you wait for the Brute to return and then cover kill him and then the guard inside the room.

Exit the other side of the room just enough to draw the attention of the guard in the next room and use last known position to cover kill him at the doorway.

Head back to the window and this time face the staircase and use Eagle Vision to check where the guard on the first floor is. Wait for the guard to walk away from the door before you walk down and kill the guard in the middle of the staircase.

Draw the guard over with line of sight to cover kill him (left) and then head back to the staircase and hidden blade the guard in the middle (right).

Begin heading up the opposite stairs and use Eagle Vision again to check the patrolling guards location on the other side. When the guard passes and begins to walk off to the left it is clear to head up and kill the stationary guard with a cover kill from the table before hiding in the wardrobe. Now wait for the patrol to return and kill him from the hiding spot.

There is a single Brute between you and the waymarker, but he is easily taken care of by using line of sight to kill him from cover or just go in and aggressively take him out. Now enter the king’s chamber for a scene to continue the story.

After the scene activate Eagle Vision to marke the wardrobe and examine it for another scene. When the rebels enter you’ll need to hold off waves of enemies for two minutes by using Smoke and Stun Bombs. When time runs out another scene will trigger and you’ll then just have to follow Napoleon to complete the mission.

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