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Assassin's Creed: Unity
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 23-03-2019 / 05:10 GMT

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Sequence 08

Memory 02 - September Massacres

Optional Objectives:

  • Three cover kills
  • Three ledge assassinations

Speak to Napoleon to learn that Rouille is storming the Le Grand Chatelet prison.

After the scene you’ll begin outside the prison on a perch and can leap of faith into the haycart below. Don’t head straight for the prison, instead jump over the bridge and enter the tunnels on the other side. The sewers will lead to a ladder in the prison and to an iron gateway, which is sometimes bugged closed and will require you to restart the memory.

Inside the prison you’ll want to take out the two guards to the right, which can be annoying due to the platform they stand on, and then jump out the window and stand on the perch. The courtyard below has the officers held captive by Rouille’s men, so pull out your Phantom Blades to deal with the guards quietly. Climb the crates near the iron gate to climb the wall and reenter the prison.

Kill the two guards by the window and the hop outside and shoot the ones below.

There are two guards inside that you’ll want to silent take care of. The first one is dealing with a body, but the other will walk toward the cell straight ahead. Wait for the guard to walk over to the cells and silently kill him and then quickly take out the other. The next room has a guard that patrols the right side of the room while the left is nodding off. Wait for the one on the right to begin walking away before you take out the sleeping guard and then kill the other.

Exit the other side of the cell area and turn left to a dining hall and hide behind the table. There are two guards here, one that will remain stationary at far door while the other walks over to the window. Wait for the guard to gaze out the window before you kill him and then finish off the other by the door. Upstairs the officers will help you out by assisting with a large group of enemies that you need to kill before moving on.

Quietly take care of the guards by the cells and in the dining room.

Enter the next room and pass the circular stone and take cover behind the small boxes on the other side. Provided you aren’t detected the Brute will walk up to the boxes and can be cover killed, followed by the Defender that patrols the back of the room. You can ignore the remaining guards if you like and head straight to the locked cell door, or take them out and loot their bodies.

Make your way through the cell and climb right to the roof so that you can reach the wall that the two snipers stand on. You want to climb to the snipers and ledge assassinate them for the optional objective, but if you climb along the top you will be spotted. This means you want to drop down to the lower half of the wall so that you can still cross left, but will not be detected by the guards. Once in position under the first sniper make sure that the patrol isn’t looking and then ledge assassinate him. Drop down again and crawl left to the second sniper and repeat to kill him as well.

Carefully climb over over to the guard via the lowest part (left) and then move up and ledge assassinate the snipers.

Climb back to the roof to the right and cross over to the other side where a wooden platform is. To your left is the main tower you saw in the cutscene at the beginning of the mission, so freerun over there and climb up the side to light it flag aflame.

You’ll need one more ledge kill to complete the optional objective, so jump back to the wall and shimmy right along it the same way you did on the opposite side and then pop up and ledge pull him over when the patrol is walking away. When the patrol returns you can ledge assassinate him too, in case you messed up somewhere, and then shimmy all the way right to another roof.

Burn the flag on the tower and continue along the wall to ledge assassinate another sniper.

There is one more guard between you and the platform that Rouille is on, so pop up and kill him and then carefully walk up the steps toward Rouille. You have two choices, one is to go in quickly and throw down some Smoke Bombs to distract the guards and kill Rouille or toss one up and then run up and kill him. Either way, kill Rouille and rush out of the area to complete the mission.


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