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Assassin's Creed: Unity
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 04-01-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 21-03-2019 / 12:35 GMT

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Sequence 09

Memory 02 - Hoarders

Optional Objectives:

  • Rescue Thomas Levesque
  • Don't trigger any alarms

Time to assassinate Marie Levesque, that damn hoarder who is working for Germain to cause an uprising against the royal family.

After the cutscene head across the roof and air assassinate one of the guards bothering the merchant and then kill the other. The merchant will ask you to cover him as he continues down the street, so climb the palace wall and climb to the roof and head right. There is a small rope, behind the trees, that leads to the next building where you can stand and wait with your Phantom Blades until the cart is attacked by two guards.

Take the first two guards out with headshots and then look left along the street for the next set of two enemies and take them out when they stop as well. The final wave of guys is actually on your side of the street, below you to the left, and they usually are angry and will try to fire at you. Once all six enemies are dead you can hop down and talk to the merchant to complete the opportunity event.

Cross the rope and take position on the other side to kill the thugs with Phantom Blades.

There is a merchant near the first set of guards you killed that is a great place to refill you Phantom Blades.

Make your way back to the restricted area and head to the (!) just before the main gate. This will trigger the beginning of your second opportunity, but you’ll need to climb up the wall and kill the sniper to continue. Turn left into the tower and kill the guard there and then exit the other side and kill another sniper before you return to the other side.

Look down into the courtyard and you should see a rope just below you that you can jump down to. Wait there, using Eagle Vision to see the key holder on the other side of the courtyard, and when the two men arrive the cell below you and are both highlighted in red perform an air assassination. Quickly loot the key from the corpse and unlock the cell and then turn left and climb the ladder back up to the landing.

Climb up to the landing and kill the snipers (left). Once in position on the rope wait for both guards to walk over and be highlight to double air assassinate them (left).

You’ll need to be quick with the next part, so you can complete the opportunity without drawing attention and potentially triggering an alarm, so run to the other side of the landing through the tower and jump to the rope on this side too. Look at the carriage with the two guards and when the rebels trigger them into combat, make sure they are both in combat, jump down and unlock the second cell and climb back up to the landing.

Head back to the other landing again, but this time run straight at the building and climb up to the roof. Turn left and look across the way and you should see an open window, so carefully make your way over there while being careful of the guard inside spotting you.

Wait for the rebels to distract the guards (left). Before entering the window check the location of the guard inside (right).

Wait for the guard to turn his back to the window before you jump in and kill him and then walk down the hall and take cover at the doorway. There is a bell in the next room, along with three guards. Wait for the patrolling guard walk your way to hit him with a Berserk Blade and then finish off the remaining guard(s). Once the area is clear you can sabotage the bell for points and jump out the window on the far side of the room.

Turn right outside and shimmy around the building to another window and hop inside to find Marie’s husband and lockpick the door. Thomas will run down the hall and down the stairs, but you want to walk over to the other locked door. Use Eagle Vision and make sure that there isn’t a Brute on the other side, or that he is walking away, and then lockpick the door to enter.

Use a Berserk Blade to kill the guards and then exit the window and shimmy around to release Thomas Levesque.

Enter and turn left straight away to sneak up behind a sniper for a silent kill and then reenter the hall. You’ll want to kill the Brute on his return trip down the hall, so move down the hall a bit and take cover on the small balcony off to the left with no sniper and kill the Brute after he passes.

As you continue down the hall watch out for the guard in the next room, who can come close enough to spot you, is off by the window and then make your way to the other balcony and kill the sniper.

Marie Levesqque walks around the banquet floor below, but you don’t want to stand on the railing until she is directly below you because her vision is really good. Wait for her to cross below you, climb up and make sure she is targeted, and assassinate her.

Carefully navigate around the Brute to take out the snipers and then assassinate Marie.

You now need to escape, with a ton of guards on your tail. Turn around and take the open door in the corner behind you and then hang a right. The second opening on the left leads to a staircase heading down, so hop the railing and head downstairs. Take two lefts to jump out the window and leave the area to complete the mission.

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