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Author(s): Ben Chard, Shane Williams
First Published: 17-09-2019 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 18-11-2019 / 15:41 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 20-02-2020 / 01:43 GMT

Borderlands 3 Guide

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Character Builds

Zane - Operative


Zane’s a rather unique character when it comes to his Action Skill and the abilities he can equip. You can choose to go with two Action Skills equipped at the expense of a Grenade (you can get around this by using one of his Passives) and you’ll really be able to cover two roles in battle. His Shield is useful at most times, be it Solo or Co-op and his clones can help you deal devastating damage if used properly.

Zane is a rather difficult character to play right now, he’s in a place where he’s nowhere near as powerful as the other Vault Hunters and a lot of his Builds are rather situational. You’ll find below a Build that will best let Zane take on the Endgame content.

Note: This Build is effective at the time of writing however they may lose their effectiveness through future patches. As a result of this, this section will be updated should any changes arise.

All Rounder Build

  • Under Cover Tree
Adrenaline5/5Action Skill Cooldown Rate +35% based of Shield Capacity
Ready for Action5/5Shield Recharge Rate +30%, Shield Recharge Delay -29%
Brain Freeze5/5Slow Chance +20% on Critical Hits
Stiff Upper Lip3/3Damage Resistance +16% based on damage type received
Confident Competence1/1While Shields are active, Gun Damage up to +20%, Accuracy up to 33%
Really Expensive Jacket1/1Status Effect Duration -50%
Futility Belt1/1Kill Skill: Coverts Elemental Damage received to Kinetic, Damage Reduction +15% for 8 seconds
Refreshment3/3Life Steal 24% of Damage Dealt to Frozen enemies
Calm, Cool, Collected1/1When Zane freezes an enemy, Regen Shields, if full Regen Health (3% Max Health a sec), if full Action Skill Cooldown reset
Distributed Denial1/1Barrier gains the effect of equipped Shield Mod and shares with allies near it
  • Hitman Tree
Violent Momentum5/5Gun Damage +20% at default walk speed (more at faster movement speeds)
Cool Hand2/5Kill Skill: Increases Reload Speed by 5.7% (7% after Kill) for 8 seconds
Drone Delivery1/1Will drop a Grenade based on equipped Grenade Mod, cooldown of 15 seconds
Salvation3/5Kill Skill: Life Steal +6% of damage dealt
Death Follows Close1/1Kill Skill Duration +7%, Kill Skill Bonus +25%
  • Doubled Agent Tree
Synchronicity5/5Gun Damage +20% per Action Skill active
Donnybrook5/5Kill Skill: Gun Damage +15%, Health Regen 2.5% of missing Health a second

This Build is all about using Kill Skills to increase the effectiveness of both the Barrier and SNTNL Action Skills. Equip the All Rounder and Retaliation Augments to the Drone to turn it into a dome while you’ll want to equip the Winter’s Drone to the SNTNL Action Skill to allow you to freeze enemies easier. This Build has high survivability while pumping our serious damage making it a great contender for the higher difficulties.

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