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Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 14-02-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:15 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 20-09-2020 / 08:17 GMT

This little demoness doesn’t look half as menacing as Beelzebub, but she shouldn’t be taken lightly either.

Level HP Weak to Immune to Absorbs
25 20,000 Fire, Aerial Earth Water

Important : There is a rare version of Mammon (Japan-only) with an Elixir item you can steal–this isn’t a normal Elixir either, but one that sells for 25,000 pg . To really rake in the money, equip the Thief’s Rob Blind ability to steal two from Mammon and run from the battle. Then sell your Elixirs to an enemy with the Merchant’s Salesman ability to earn 60,000 pg for each Elixir!

Mammon uses Avarice whenever she has 0 BP to steal 1 BP from each party member, for a maximum of 3 BP. On your first turn (and each time Mammon drops to 0 HP), you should Default to save up 1 BP so you don’t become immobilised by Avarice on the next turn.

From here, Mammon will use Death Claw to spend an extra 1 BP to attack your party and Blizzaja –the ultimate water spell–to rain pain on your party. These attacks should at least be bearable for a Level 25 party, especially if you have Abate Water (White Mage) or an Ice Charm equipped.

Just When It Seemed Easy

However the tables turn when Mammon uses Stat Leech to drop your characters’ physical and magic attack and defence, while raising her own. Now her moves will hurt doubly and your moves will be far less effective… If you’re at Chapter 3, you can use Dispel (White Magic) to drop Mammon’s stats; without it, you’ll likely have a rough time.

Occasionally Mammon will use Dispel herself to remove your buffs–and debuffs too, but don’t rely on it for help. Instead, use the buffs from your Special Moves or the Performer’s songs to fix your stats and regain your fighting strength. Just be wary that she likes to use Stat Leech often, so you’ll be constantly fighting for stats.

Near the half HP mark, she will begin to Brave and use Blizzaja followed by a normal attack. Normally, this wouldn’t be so bad, but if your characters are reeling from Stat Leech, it’s extra salt on your wounds. If you can hold your ground, blast Mammon with Fire magic or sword magic to take advantage of her low Magic Defence and weakness to Fire.

Level 99 Version

Level HP Weak to Immune to Absorbs
99 500,000 Fire, Aerial Earth Water

Trust Square Enix to release another Level 99 version of an already tricky Nemesis!

This souped up version of Mammon automatically counters physical attacks, so swap your physical attackers for magical ones.

Take your pick from Firaga (Black Mage), Promethean Fire (Summoner) or Firaja (Vampire) to nail Mammon’s Fire weakness or stick with good ol’ Meteor (Time Mage) for a mighty punch.

In addition, the demoness now occasionally Defaults, to build up BP and trigger Slow and Steady , upping her already-staggering 127 Speed by 150%.

As before, Mammon loves to use Stat Leech and Avarice to steal your offensive/defensive stats and BP respectively. With her improved Speed, you’ll need to maximise your Speed so she doesn’t unleash her fury before you’ve had time to act.

Rampart will be essential for Death Claws, although she can use it twice in succession with positive BP (from Avarice etc.); therefore, double HP from a Giant’s Draft is essential. Meanwhile, you’ve got Iceflame Shields or Spiritmasters to fend off Blizzaja.

For an easy win, you can opt for a Stillness approach so long as you’re good at managing everybody’s Speed. In other words, everybody and their mother should be dual-wielding Fox Tails or Falcon Knives and wearing a pair of Hermes Shoes.

One character should be a Performer with the Spiritmaster job command, Steady MP Recover (Conjurer), Speed 10% Up (Thief), Hasten World (Time Mage) and equipment to boost them up to 145 Agility (or 132 Agility with Speed 20% Up instead).

The other three characters should be Vampires (preferably) with the Swordmaster job command, Zero (Arcanist), Speed 10% Up, Speed 20% Up, a 5th ability that boosts damage (eg. Monster Ability Up for Vampires) and all equipment that boosts Agility.

Before the battle, find a weak enemy mob and use up your MP until the last digit is a zero to trigger Zero.

On Turn 1, your three attackers should use Free Lunch followed by Absorb Stats (Magic Attack) and two lots of Firaja. Your Performer should use Love Rush and Stillness. Then turn on Auto-Battle and let your super-deformed heroes handle the rest.

Love Rush will guarantee Mammon never outspeeds your party, while Absorb Stats is there to reduce the effect of Mammon’s Stat Leech.

If you find your attackers frequently moving after your Performer, replace Speed 20% Up and the damage-boosting ability with Speed 30% Up.

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