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Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 14-02-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:15 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-09-2020 / 02:15 GMT

For any lengthy journey, it’s smart to be properly kitted up. Annoyingly, many RPGs don’t make it easy to know what equipment is best, but help is at hand with our expert outfitting advice! To begin with, you can change your equipment by going to the Equip option in the main menu (by pressing X, START or SELECT).

These are the pieces you can change for each character:

Right Hand

A weapon for the character’s right hand. Affects how much damage your character does with the Attack command, their physical command abilities or Special Moves.

Left Hand

A weapon or shield for the character’s left hand. If a weapon is equipped, your character will attack with both weapons when they use the Attack Command, but the attack rating of both weapons will be halved. If a shield is equipped instead, your character’s Physical Defence and Evade will increase, reducing the damage taken from attacks.

Head Armour and Torso Armour

These both increase your character’s Physical Defence and occasionally Magic Defence, lowering the damage sustained.


Offers various effects, such as immunity against status ailments and resistances against elements.


Changes the character’s clothing, overwriting their job’s clothing. For aesthetic purposes only and offers no other benefits.

Choosing Your Gear

For weapons and armours, try to equip those with bigger Physical Attack and Physical Defence values–this part should be obvious. Be careful though, as certain weapons or armours fare better in the hands of certain jobs than others, so you’d be wise to re-evaluate your equipment after changing jobs.

With a S Rank in swords, you can be sure you’re getting the most from your epic sword!

With a S Rank in swords, you can be sure you’re getting the most from your epic sword!

More specifically, each job has different levels of aptitudes for each equipment, ranked alphabetically from E (poor) to A and then S (best). The higher the aptitude, the higher the Physical Attack for weapons and Physical Defense for equipment.

For example, a Monk has an aptitude of S in Knuckles, which means they will have higher attack with Knuckles than a White Mage with an aptitude of E. Later, you can acquire support abilities to increase your aptitudes–handy for letting any job wield a particular weapon well.

Note : To speed up your equipment selection, you can pick “Recommended” when selecting a piece and the game will choose the one with the highest attack for weapons and highest defence for armours. You can also select “Optimum” at the bottom of your equipment to let the game choose your entire gear with the same criteria.

While gunning for the best Physical Attack and Physical Defence suits all purposes, try not to overlook equipment with slightly inferior stats that provide a significant boost in other areas or a special effect. This is where letting the game pick for you isn’t always ideal and having a keen eye helps.

For example, some weapons may do elemental damage, which will be more useful against enemies weak to that element than a weapon with more raw attack. For armours, you have the White Robe that boosts Mind by 20, providing better healing power for your White Mage.

Improving Your Weapons

Equipping armour is simple enough, but what of weapons? Is it better to equip one or two? At first, you should only equip weapons in the right hand. You can equip onto both hands, but the attack rating of both weapons will be halved, so really you’re not getting more bang for your buck.

The only time you should dual wield is with spell-casters, as only Physical Attack is halved–Magic Attack retains its full value regardless. This advice will serve you well near the beginning, but there are some unique abilities that you can learn through the course of the game, which will shake things up.

It’s common sense, surely? Using both hands to whack an enemy is going to hurt more than using one hand.

It’s common sense, surely? Using both hands to whack an enemy is going to hurt more than using one hand.

The Knight’s Two-Handed ability lets a character wield an one-handed weapon (Sword, Axe, Spear, Staff or Katana) in both hands, doubling the weapon’s attack. To do this, simply equip an one-handed weapon in the character’s right hand and leave their left hand empty.

You’ll know it works when, on the bottom screen, your character grabs their weapon with two hands and the “R Hand” and “L Hand” stats change into a “2-Hand” stat. Going two-handed sacrifices the use of a shield, but usually, the extra defence doesn’t help as much as the extra attack.

The Ninja’s Dual Wield ability enables a character to wield a weapon in each hand with no attack loss. Just earlier, we told you that equipping weapons onto both hands cuts each weapons’ attack in half, but that’s no longer the case if you have this ability equipped!

This works similar to Two-Handed, except you need two weapons instead of one. Dual-wielding has unique benefits though, such as slightly higher overall Attack versus Two-Handed. If you equip two different types of weapons, you can also have two Special Moves on one character, but the power of each Special Move will be slightly less than one Special Move with Two-Handed.

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