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Bravely Default
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Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 14-02-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-05-2019 / 11:36 GMT

Bravely Default Guide

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Tips and Secrets

Hints and Secrets

Warning : If you’re adverse to spoilers, look away now!

Speed Up Grinding

Very costly, but very effective.

To make grinding much easier, prioritise rebuilding the Norende Accessory Shop, so you can purchase the Golden Egg (Level 9) and Growth Egg (Level 10). When you have one equipped, the pg or experience/JP you obtain will be doubled! Just be aware that the eggs are rather costly at 200,000 pg and 500,000 pg respectively.

Also note that the eggs don’t stack, so you can’t get 8 times experience/JP with four Growth Eggs. However they do stack with the Freelancer’s JP Up, Merchant’s More Money and Conjurer’s EXP Up abilities, allowing for 3 times experience, for instance.

Unlocking Costumes

There are several costumes you can acquire throughout the game; these offer no gameplay benefits, besides giving your characters a refreshing new look.

Costume Character Obtain
Onion Shirt Tiz Rebuild Norende Armour Shop to Level 11
Melodist's Shirt Ringabel Rebuild Norende Accessory Shop to Level 11
Knight's Tunic Agnes Rebuild Norende Trader to Level 11
Edea's Garb Edea Rebuild Norende Combat Item Shop to Level 11
Plain Tunic All Rebuild Norende Compound Shop to Level 11
Vestal Garb Agnes Complete game with Normal Ending
Bravo Bikini Edea Defeat DeRosa from Chapter 5

Note : There are also some costumes exclusive to the Japanese version of the game.

Konami Code

Treat yourself to a sneak preview of the next game before finishing this one. Smart or stupid? We won't judge!

This iconic cheat code always pops up just when you least expect it. First appearing in many of Konami’s video games, it now cameos in many other games, including this one. In the file selection screen, where you have the option to "Start Game", input the Konami code sequence: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A .

Doing this will cause you to exit and re-enter the file screen multiple times, but don’t worry–so long as you press it right, you will end up in the original file when you finish. If successful, you will hear a voice clip and "Special Movie" will be unlocked at the bottom, allowing you to watch the trailer for the upcoming sequel.

Note : The sequel trailer can also be unlocked by completing the game with the True Ending; it’s a little bit spoilery, so be cautious if you view it before finishing the game.

Change Characters Names

Naming your characters really makes this old-school RPG feel... even more old-school.

From Chapter 5, if you visit the tavern inside Grandship, you’ll find the Adventurer’s companion (the fox) waiting by the stairs. Speak to the fox and you can change the names of the four playable characters. Note that the game still uses the original names in the spoken dialogue; however, anywhere else, the change will be in effect.

Mammon Lottery

Thanks to someone's error, you can amass a healthy fortune in minutes. If you're lucky.

When you receive a Nemesis from a guest, either randomly by using Update Data or via StreetPass, there’s a chance you’ll get a rare variant of the Mammon Nemesis (Level 25; Japan-only), if that guest was sending it.

What’s special about this Mammon is that you can steal an Elixir from it, but this is no normal Elixir–it’s one that sells for 25,000 pg a piece. To amass a healthy fortune, be sure to have Rob Blind (Thief) equipped so you can steal two Elixirs per battle, then leg it from battle and repeat for as many Elixirs as you want.

Then to maximise your profits, have a Merchant use Salesman (Level 2) to sell the Elixirs to weak enemies for 2.4 times the selling price. That’s 120,000 pg per Mammon battle! Note that not all Japanese Mammons carry an Elixir–most carry an Ether, which sells for pennies. Hence it’s a lottery if you get it or not…

Note : You cannot receive Nemeses from friends (unless they’re local friends)!

Buy Off Bosses

Well, it seems gold can get you everything. It can magically kill final bosses and stop their world domination schemes.

This is pretty much useless, but if you offer the maximum amount (9,990,000 pg) when using the Merchant’s Payoff ability, you can buy off any enemy–including bosses (except scripted bosses)! In theory, you can obtain that much pg by exploiting the Mammon Elixir trick or by other means, but it’s still very inefficient for felling bosses.

New Game+

Alright folks, time to make this hard game stupidly easy! That'll teach 'em!

Almost every good RPG has this, but just to confirm: Yes, Bravely Default has a New Game Plus. As usual, to unlock it, you need to beat the game first–with the True Ending to boot. Then, at any time, you can begin a New Game Plus from the file selection screen.

Per the quota, you can carry forth almost every single aspect you can hope for–ranging from your character’s Levels, Job Levels, items, journal entries and etc. Nothing else changes in a New Game Plus, so you mainly have the opportunity to steamroll the game, really.

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