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Bravely Default
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Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 14-02-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-05-2019 / 11:36 GMT

Bravely Default Guide

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Chapter 2: The Water Crystal

Sub-Scenario: Valkyrie Asterisk

Once you’ve witnessed the Sacred Flower Festival, this sub-scenario will become available. Re-enter Florem and a stranger will bump into your party, before hastily fleeing. Seems like they left behind a warning letter too and thus the party decides to head to the northern hidden village to warn the inhabitants.

Don’t get confused with the hidden village that Olivia mentioned in her letter–this one’s different. To reach the village, head due east until you’re clear of the river, then travel north where you’ll find a forest cornered by mountains that you can enter.

Of all the locations, this is one of the more obscure ones. However you've always got the blue exclamation mark to guide you.

South and Central

Enemy Tips : As you traipse through the woods, you’ll encounter the usual Legion women (Impaler, Mage and Archer). This time, they’ve brought along a pet–the D’gon , a tiny dragon that breathes a big, defence-negating Fireball; home in on its water weakness (with Blizzara etc.) to smite it.

Inside, you’ll be in Witherwood, starting from the south. Here, the woodland path splits every now and then but it’s not long before the path meets up again, so you’re in no danger of getting lost.

In the first area, there are chests to the east ( Remedy ), north-east ( 500 pg ) and north-west ( Phoenix Down ). At the north, there will be two exits, both of which lead to the central area. First, take the right exit to emerge in an isolated area, where a chest with a Sleep Blade lies.

Next, take the left exit to appear in the rest of the central area. Here, there are chests to the north-west ( 1000 pg ), centre ( Teleport Stone ) and south-east ( Aeolian Bow ). The exit to the next area can be found in the top-right corner.


The third area–the interior area–has chests to the north ( Hi-Potion ), west ( Ether ) and south-west ( X-Potion ), as well as blue locked chest by the centre. After you’ve passed the blue chest, the Adventurer will be patiently waiting after the bend.

Once you’ve updated your inventory and saved your game, continue straight ahead to leave the woods. Beyond lies the northern hidden village; there, Tiz and company will warn the village inhabitants of the incoming danger, but it’s too late because danger’s already here!

Boss: Einheria Venus

Level HP Weak to
27 20,000 Nothing

The Valkyrie doesn’t take any nonsense and will use Crescent Moon to dish out damage to your party or Jump to leap into the air, evading your attacks for a full turn, before dropping down and dealing big damage to one character.

The turn after she uses Jump, be sure to Default or you could be looking at a spear-related fatality. After either attack, she will go into negative BP, which is your cue to punish her with multiple attacks.

Your best bet for this battle is to anticipate her moves and Default at the right time, as she will have negative BP frequently, so you’ve no shortage of opportunities to damage her. It’s easy when she uses Jump, because you know she’ll damage you on the next turn. In terms of offence, magic is good because of her low magic defence.

Once Einheria reaches low HP, she will cast Spirit Barrier , which converts her damage into MP damage for 10 turns. You can either wait 10 turns or continue battering her until her MP runs out and she starts taking HP damage again.


Note : After Einheria bites the dust, you will acquire the Valkyrie asterisk. The girls look fine, but what’s with the crazy helmet for the guys?

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