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Bravely Default
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Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 14-02-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-05-2019 / 11:37 GMT

Bravely Default Guide

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Intro: Four Warriors

Fleeing the Ravine

On the other side of the cave, you will find Norende… or what’s left of it. Nearby, Agnes is praying for salvation and Tiz approaches her with no end of questions. However, before he can get any answers, trouble arrives from the sky: the Eternian sky knights. Agnes will try to flee by herself, but the steel cannon-fire soon puts an end to her bravery.

At this point, Tiz intervenes and grabs Agnes, making for the ravine trail. Now Agnes will join your party and your options in battle will open up slightly. For now, just leg it the way you came, all the way right; you shouldn’t get lost as the map on the bottom screen should be completely filled in by now.

As you run, you’ll be pelted by cannon fire, but don’t worry as they won’t actually hit you (talk about a poor shot). If the pesky goblins get in your way, just Brave like crazy to remove them; it’ll be much easier with Agnes’s assistance.

Knights From The Sky

Partway through the second screen, a sky knight will drop down to ambush you; don’t panic, as he’s not much tougher than a goblin. Default on the first turn, attack twice next turn, then Brave all the way to fell him (or just Brave all the way at the beginning if you’re feeling super confident).

Near the end of the second screen, another sky knight will drop down; deal with him in the same way. Is this really the best Eternia can offer?

Upon reaching the end of the second screen, you’ll be ambushed by two sky knights this time. Default three times until you’ve max BP, then Brave four times on the same enemy and Brave four times again the next turn. Finally the sky knights will retreat and you can leave the ravine in peace.

Safe Passage

Party Chats are nice as they help to flesh out the characters and storyline, while being fairly unobtrusive.

Note : To commemorate the occasion, you can now view Party Chats, which are similar to the skits in the Tales of series–just press the Y button whenever the "Party Chat" text appears on the top screen to listen to some banter.

After crossing back to the first screen, Tiz will receive a formal introduction to his new party companion, Agnes, as well as her partner, Airy the fairy. However Agnes doesn’t want to involve Tiz in her dangerous journey, so things are going to be slightly awkward as you attempt to exit the ravine…

When you desire an unfair (but totally legal) advantage, friend summons are the way to go!

Outside the ravine, Tiz notices Agnes’s pretty pendant. From this point, you can now use friend summons! To get you started, the game will force a battle on you. Choose "Summon Friend", then "Send" and you’ll be ready to send your next move to others.

Right now, you can only choose "Attack" to send a basic attack, but later you can send abilities or special moves. Once the battle ends, your sent move will be updated. You can send and receive friend summons by tagging other players via StreetPass or from the internet by selecting "Update Data" in the save menu.

Note : You can now register friends by selecting "Add Friends" from the save menu too. Simply exchange Friend Codes with other Bravely Default players and they’ll be added as friends in Bravely Default when you choose this option. Having friends is immensely beneficial (especially if they’re further ahead) as you can use any of their learned abilities via Abilink and call on their friend summons!

For now, return to Caldisla and rest your weary bones.

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