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Bravely Second: End Layer
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 14-04-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:27 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 24-09-2020 / 18:12 GMT

Crystalguard Campsite Take 2

Like before, Yew sets up camp and attempts to rest his weary body. But just like last time, his rest is cut short by the appearance of a sinister figure… When you’re back in control, you’ll be where you left off, in the Southeast section, with heavy rain pouring down.

No orange exclamation mark is around to guide you; instead, make your way to the only exit to the far west. Along the way, ghostly spirits will obstruct you from going anywhere else; just ignore them and press onwards. In the next area, inspect the suspicious red doll by the base of the tree.

Eventually, you’ll be thrust into a battle with Bella the Dark Vestal. During this battle, Yew will be too afraid to perform any actions. So pick any action and roll with the flow. After Bella has had enough fun, the battle will prematurely end.

In this pitiful state, there’s no way Yew can fight back against Bella. However, just when all hope seems lost, a familiar face comes to lend a hand…

Note : Edea will permanently join your party.

Boss: Bella the Dark Vestal

Level HP Weak
7 700 Nothing

Bella is your first proper boss, but a cakewalk compared to Bravely Default’s first boss. The key to winning is to be patient. Bella has a lot of HP, but her attacks are fairly weak, so all you have to do is whittle her HP down while keeping your HP levels safe.

The main thing to watch out for is Heat Wall –when Bella casts this, for 3 turns, any physical attacks on her will automatically result in a Heat counter. If you’re unsure if Heat Wall is still active, press Left on the Circle Pad to review Bella’s details.

While Heat Wall is up, build up BP by Defaulting and use Potions to heal if necessary. If Yew is a Level 2 Freelancer, you can use Halfsies to heal Yew and Edea at the same time. Then once the wall drops, Brave to unleash your fury, but avoid going below -1 BP.

New Job : After beating down Bella, you’ll receive the Wizard asterisk, allowing your characters to change to the Wizard job. In addition, you’ll receive the Heat (fire magic) scroll.

As you can imagine, Wizards specialise in magic, but they’ve got several tricks up their sleeves in the form of Spellcraft . More about this very soon !

Whoo, finally your first job! At this stage, we recommend changing Yew to a Wizard since he’s slightly more aligned to magic. That said, every character will do fine in every job, so choose whatever you want. Although ideally, at least one character should be a Wizard.

Changing Jobs : To change jobs, open the menu with the X button and select “Job”, then the character whose job you want to change. From here, press Up and Down to select the job you want and the A button to confirm your choice.

To switch characters, press the L or R buttons; to navigate to the character’s current job, press the Y button. Later, when you have dozens of jobs, you can hold the X button while pressing Up and Down to quickly scroll through the job list.

Choosing Abilities : Bravely Second allows a lot of freedom when it comes to selecting abilities. To change your characters’ abilities, open the menu with the X button and select “Ability”, then the character you want to customise.

By default, characters can access the Command Abilities of their current job (listed as “ Fixed Command “). In addition, you can use the “ Job Command “ option to assign a secondary set of Command Abilities from any available job.

For example, say you make Yew a Wizard. Of course, Yew will be able to use the Wizard’s Spirit Magic commands. But you can also give him the Freelancer’s Miscellany commands so you can continue to Examine enemies and use Halfsies.

Last but not least, characters can equip up to 5 Support Abilities from any job that they’ve learned themselves.

Once you’re ready to continue, return east to the Southeast part of the grove and head back to the campsite area. As they say, third time’s the charm and now the road ahead will be open at last! Rest and save with the Adventurer if you want, then proceed east to the new area.


Spellcraft : When a character has the Spellcraft ability (and has Spellcraft spells available), they can access the Spellcraft command after selecting a standard spell. By doing so, you can choose to expend an additional BP (and MP) to modify their chosen spell.

For example, if you select Heat as your spell and Dart as your Spellcraft, you’ll create Heat Dart , which targets one enemy instead of multiple and casts at the beginning of the turn. Because a maximum of 4 BP can be expended, you can only cast two Spellcraft-modified spells per turn.

Enemy Tips : With Edea joining the party and the Wizard job under your belt, leaving the grove will become a much easier affair. Many of the enemies are weak to fire (such as the Applings and Battlehoppers) and can be one-shotted with Heat! Just be mindful of your MP.

It’s the final stretch! To begin with, head north-east from the first junction to find an Antidote lying on the floor. Back at the junction, head south-east and follow the path up and around until the path splits once more. Continue south for a juicy Potion , then backtrack and go east.

Towards the south, the path will split again. First, head north onto the overpass for a chest containing 120 pg . Next, continue east and then follow the path in a north-easterly direction. At the end is a chest with a Barrel Helm inside. Finally exit to the south-east.

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