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Bravely Second: End Layer
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 14-04-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-09-2020 / 02:27 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 24-09-2020 / 21:49 GMT

Not That Way!

Outside on the world map, Yew and Edea notice a group of imperial soldiers blocking the road to Eternian Central Command. Rather than attempt to blitz through the soldiers, Edea leads Yew to another–and inevitably much longer–route. From Eternia City, head east at the junction and follow the winding mountain path.

Sword-wielders like Goblin Slashers are typically weak to lightning.

Sword-wielders like Goblin Slashers are typically weak to lightning.

Enemy Tips : Crab Applings use Bad Apple to inflict Poison. Finally those Antidotes will come in handy. If Yew and Edea are both poisoned, use Halfsies during battle to heal both with one Antidote. But prevention is better than cure, so fry them with Heat or Lightning ASAP.

Electro Lanterns boast high physical defences and absorb lightning-attacks. To instantly drop these balls from the sky, blast them with two lots of Heat or Frost.

Eventually, after going around the corner, you’ll reach a junction. Having walked such a large distance, Yew complains of tiredness and thus Edea directs him to a nearby village to the east. By now, your party is probably tired too, so follow Edea’s advice and head due east from the junction.

Gravemark Village

Upon reaching this tragic village, Yew and Edea set up camp for the night. Just like previous nights, Yew is suddenly aroused from slumber; poor guy just can’t catch a break. With Edea sleeping like a log, Yew has no choice but to determine the source of the disruption by his lonesome.

Out in the village, the Adventurer is awake too; save your game if you didn’t do so earlier. While you’re searching, head west from the entrance while hugging the south. Sooner or later, you’ll be stopped by a grave post–inspect this to find a coveted Phoenix Down .

Next, head all the way to the east-most part of the village. Around here, you’ll discover what caused the noise, as the orange exclamation mark helpfully points out. Before going any further, run to the most north-east corner and fumble around the east-most grave post for some hidden Echo Herbs .

Once you’ve plucked up the courage, inspect the mysterious vessel. Inside, somebody is lying on the floor in the centre; don’t worry, they’re fine. While you’re still free to manoeuvre, look around the bottom-right corner for a bottle of Ether and the bottom-left corner for a Hi-Potion .

Having checked that the area is safe, speak to the person on the floor. Although they’re not injured, they’re certainly not very conscious. Exit the craft and make your way to the magnolia tree towards the north of the village. See the shiny thing in the branches? Inspect it to obtain a magnolia flower .

If you recall what Yew said, Magnolia flowers are great for arousing people from sleep. So with the flower in hand, return to the innards of the craft and speak to the person on the floor again. Voila! Our enigmatic sleeper–one Magnolia Arch–is now awake!

After some discussion, Yew and Edea discover that Magnolia is also en route to the Skyhold, so the three decide to team up. A most wise decision because the road ahead is only going to become more harsh.

Note : Magnolia will permanently join your party.

Pressing On

Before you leave the village, the game will teach you about rebuilding Magnolia’s homeland, Fort-Lune . Even though you’ve got a lot of things to worry about, such as figuring out how to reach the Skyhold in one piece, you should set aside some time to assist with the reconstruction effort.

Reconstruction can be slow at first, but it’ll pick up before you know it.

Reconstruction can be slow at first, but it’ll pick up before you know it.

Fort-Lune : To access Fort-Lune, when on the map, press Right on the D-pad or tap the left-most icon on the bottom screen, then select the moon icon. Reconstruction of Fort-Lune functions almost identically to Bravely Default’s Norende reconstruction.

Tasks will appear as icons on the bottom screen: exclamation marks are areas that you can reclaim and the other symbols are facilities that you can rebuild; the number next to the icon (if there is one) indicates the facility’s current Level. Greyed out icons require areas to be reclaimed first.

Workers : Just like real life, no work can be done without workers. While at Fort-Lune, the number of workers will be displayed in the bottom-right corner. The first number indicates the number of free workers (not assigned to any task) and the second shows the total number of workers.

At the very beginning, you’ll only have 1 worker (or more if you transferred data from the demo). You can acquire additional workers by exchanging profiles with guests via the Internet or StreetPass. Thus, be sure to routinely Update Data and Update StreetPass from the save menu.

To start rebuilding, first choose a task that you wish to work on. Tap its icon to display details on the proposed upgrade, which includes the total time required and any new items or features available. If you’re fine with everything, tap “Confirm”.

Now you can begin assigning workers. Use the up and down arrow buttons to select the exact number of workers you wish to assign to the task or tap “Max” to assign every (remaining) worker on the task or “Clear” to remove all of the currently assigned workers.

For every additional worker assigned, the time required will be reduced. More precisely, the time required is equal to the original time divided by the number of workers. So if a task normally takes 30 minutes, it’ll take 15 minutes with 2 workers and 10 minutes with 3 workers, etc.

Once you’re happy, press “Confirm” to give the workers the go-ahead. As long as you’re playing Bravely Second or leave your 3DS on Sleep Mode with Bravely Second still running, construction will automatically proceed without your input.

By the way, you’re more than welcome to change your mind any time after assigning workers. Simply tap the in-progress task and tap “Change” and, from there, you can increase or decrease the number of assigned workers. While you do so, the game will recalculate the remaining time left.

Anyway, that’s the reconstruction itself covered, but “what’s the point of all this?”, some of you may ask. Actually, the benefits are very real and multitude.

For starters, you will be able to purchase consumable items and combat items from the Adventurer after rebuilding the Pharma-Lab, Munitions Factory and Bioplant. In addition, from time to time, those three facilities will send you free samples when you visit Fort-Lune!

Meanwhile, by rebuilding the various Special R&D and Parts Labs, you will gain access to new and superior Special Moves and a host of Special Move parts and trigger conditions. These will come in very useful for nailing the many difficult bosses that obstruct your parth.

Therefore, it’s paramount that you invest some time into rebuilding Fort-Lune. But in any case, we can’t forget about the task ahead; once you’ve messed around with Fort-Lune, exit the village and continue north-west from the previous junction.

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