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Dark Souls II
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Author(s): Andrew Mills
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 05-05-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 27-05-2019 / 08:13 GMT

Dark Souls II Guide

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Merchants and More


Merchants are around to exchange your acquired souls for consumables, weapons, armor, upgrades, spells and more. There’s an achievement/trophy on offer for those of you who persuade them to go to Majula to congregate. You can do this by constantly talking to them until they say that they’re ready to move on.

You can also unlock additional items for sale (or turn limited stock into unlimited stock) by completing certain tasks and speaking to them again. Let’s take a brief look at each of them below (you’ll find a detailed description of what’s on offer from each of them as you come across them in the game - as so not to spoil too many surprises).

Maughlin The Armorer

Location: **** Majula - In the door-less house near the open well .

What he sells: Maughlin sells armor and nothing else. If you spend 1,000 souls with him, rest at the bonfire and come back he’ll now offer the Royal Soldier Armor for sale. Spend 16,000 souls, rest and come back to unlock the - very good - Alva’s Armor .

After spending 16,000 souls, if you visit him with zero souls and as a hollow; he’ll give you the Armor of Aurous as a thank-you.

He’s also someone who’ll sell the armor of certain vanquished bosses (you’ll find the complete list in our Majula story guide walkthrough); although make sure you’ve got plenty of souls (and all boss armor requires the rare Twinkling Titanite to upgrade - so bear that in mind).

Finally, if you approach him in New Game + and New Game ++ difficulties (either by beating the game repeatedly or burning two Bonfire Ascetics in the Majula bonfire ), he’ll sell the unique Moonlight Butterfly armor set (and if you go up the ladder in NG+++ you’ll get the Moonlight Butterfly Shield for free from the chest in his house).

Talk about cheeky!

Did You Know? The more souls you spend at Maughlin’s shop, the more confident and cockier he gets. He changes from being really shy to a 'take it or leave it' cocky attitude once you’ve spent 16,000 souls on him. Even his sitting posture and positioning changes as you spend more souls!

Sweet Shalquoir

Location: Inside the closed house in front of the open well.

What the cat sells: Shalquoir mainly deals in rings ( Ring of Evil Eye, Silvercat Ring, Redeye Ring, Name-Engraved Ring and the Ring of Whispers ), but she also sells a few other items too. Her main skill is in keeping track of the covenants and allows you to leave a covenant you’ve joined at any time (for free).

Did You Know? You can buy the Silvercat Ring (13400 souls) and whilst naked; equip the ring with full health and you can safely drop down the well outside its house (to the top platform). This allows you to enter this area much sooner than intended. Just be very careful and take loads of healing items with you!

Merchant Hag Melentia

Initial Location: Sitting in front of the Cardinal Towers bonfire in Land of Fallen Giants.

What she sells: She has a couple of spells up for grabs (Soul Arrow and Heal) and also has Effigy’s, Lifegems, Throwing Knives (really good for the price), a Pharros’ Lockstone and Lenigrast’s Key (Blacksmith in Majula).

Her main 'party trick' is to sell the armor of any friendly NPC’s you decide to kill. Do note though that any NPC’s you kill will make your NG+ game a lot harder (thanks to constant Blue Sentinel invasions).

Note: To get her to move to Majula you need to exhaust all her 'Talk' dialogue options until she mentions moving and then you must also beat the Land of Fallen Giants boss.

Did You Know? If you spend 10,000 souls with her she’ll give you the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +1 (increases souls found on enemies by 20%).


[Left]: No-Man's Wharf [Middle]: Harvest Valley [Right]: Door of Pharros

What he sells: Mainly poison-based items ( Poison Moss, Rotten Pine Resin, Poison Throwing Knives and Poison Arrows ). Also sells the Ring of Giants (which gets more expensive each time he moves location).

His best feature though is his desire to buy items from you! That’s right, if you’ve got duplicate items or stuff you don’t want to ever use them he’ll take it from you in return for some souls (of which he has an infinite supply).

His Other Locations: After speaking to him at No-Man’s Wharf he’ll then move on to Harvest Valley and finally stay put in the Doors of Pharros.

Did You Know? His inventory becomes unlimited as soon as you speak to him at all three locations and he’ll permanently set up shop in the Door of Pharros.

Straid of Olaphis

Make sure you've got a ranged weapon equipped before warping to his bonfire!

Location: First make sure you’ve got a spare Branch of Yore in your inventory and then make your way to the Stalfort Bonfire in the Lost Bastille. Then continue upwards (past the entrance door to Sinner’s Rise) and you’ll spot a room with five Wretches and two prison cells.

Kill the Wretches (ranged attacks preferred) and then with the coast clear, use the branch on Straid who’s blocking the bonfire. For him to even entertain you you’ll need a minimum of 4 in your intelligence stat.

What he sells: Being a man cut from the magic-cloth, he sells a wide range of sorcery, miracle, pyromancy and hex spells. His main purpose though is to trade any boss souls you’ve kept for a choice of weapons based on their souls (most times there’s more than one choice usually meaning more than one playthough for every boss soul related weapon). We won’t mention what boss souls he’ll trade here as we don’t want to spoil the surprises ahead.

Warning! If you warp to his bonfire then the Wretches outside his cell will respawn! make sure you use a ranged weapon to pick them off before approaching Straid; otherwise the Wretches might kill him!

Did you Know? After trading a total of four boss souls with him he’ll give you the Black Robe Set for free (you’ll need 16 INT to wear it effectively).

Magerold of Lanafir

Be sure to clear out all of the Alonne Knights from the adjoining rooms before speaking with Magerold.

Location: After opening the front doors to the Iron Keep (where the two guards are); hang a right and keep going forwards into the round room. You’ll find him on the ground to your left.

What he sells: A wide variety of different item-types surprisingly enough, including: Clothing (for higher item find rates), Charcoal Pine Resin, Human Effigies, Fragrant Branch of Yore, wood carvings (that make a set sound when dropped), spells (all Soul Arrow varieties) and some clothes.

His other purpose is to provide access to the Dragon Remnants covenant if you give him a Petrified Egg . And finally, if you spend 10,000 souls with him (and then talk to him), he’ll give you the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+1 (increases likelyhood of finding rare item drops).

Did You Know? If you reach the heady heights of New Game +4 (or bonfire intensity 5 if using Ascetics), he’ll sell you the Dragonrider Armor Set .

Stone Trader Cholanne

I don't think her hammer-wielding father would approve of her dress sense or constant flirting...

Location: Beginning of Harvest Valley (just past the first bonfire).

What she sells: She focuses solely on orestone; so she’s - eventually - a great port of call for titanite shards/chunks etc. Her inventory increases as you beat more bosses (until you finish the game where her shop is full and some items become infinite in supply).

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