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Dark Souls II
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Andrew Mills
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 05-05-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 25-05-2019 / 07:52 GMT

Dark Souls II Guide

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To the Final Boss

Kings Passage

With the door now open you’ll now enter a new - and very short - area known as the King’s Passage . This is essentially a corridor that is linked to a boss fight at the end.

You can either rush down the corridor, past all the enemies (immediately entering the fog gate) for a quick method. Or you can tackle the area properly (killing all enemies and grabbing all loot).

Take it slowly as you walk down the hallway as a total of four Stone Knights will come to life and break out of the statues to the side (it’s the same statues every time by the way).

These guys are fast and and can hit hard so you definitely don’t want to take on more than one at a time (so strafe back to the entrance of the room once one has come to life and started to chase you). They focus on physical damage; so a 100% physical damage reduction shield will be really useful here.

Bait each statue out until all four have been sent packing. Now look on either side as you walk up for one piece of loot on each side.

At the end of the room you’ll spot a Royal Guard who loves to use his shield. If you’re confident with your guard breaks then feel free to use this against him. Otherwise bait him to attack then counter-attack during his cool down period.

If you’re human (and have been chatting to him every time you’ve seen him); you can summon Benhart via a summon’s sign on the left (just outside the fog gate). He’s worth summoning as the upcoming boss is definitely one of the harder ones.

Boss Fight - Mirror Knight

Even when using a heavy shield, his attacks can drain ALL your stamin! And when he summons help; get ready to smash your opponent down as soon as it's out.

This boss is an intimidating one with its magic-deflecting shield and heavy hitting sword (that has a massive reach).

To make matters worse, if you’re playing online then he’s also capable of summoning human-controlled aides that’ll burst out of his shield! (Naturally they’ll be CPU-controlled if you’re playing offline).

Here’s our help to making this fight less frustrating for you:

  • If you’ve got any lightening-damage reduction items or rings; *now* would be a good time to use/equip them.
  • His mirror shield will deflect **every** type of attack, so magic users need to time their attacks properly and melee fighters need to ensure they’re attacking his shield-less side (or hit him from behind).
  • Don’t underestimate how much reach his sword has (especially his forward slash).
  • Those with a higher level of Adaptability will find escaping his sword attacks much easier.
  • Be wary when he raises his sword straight up in the air as he’s charging his sword with electricity to attack you with.
  • If you seem his smash his shield onto the ground then move around to the front (as he takes a reduced amount of damage during this attack). Wait for the invader to crash out of the shield and then **immediately** try and beat this opponent ASAP as they’ll prove a frustrating distraction if you focus solely on the boss itself.
  • When you see him jumping upwards then we recommend you roll forwards and turn around as you can get in a cheeky hit as the boss lands from the jump.

Once the boss is beaten, run through the now open archway and look for a hidden chest on the left (behind the waist-height wall). Inside you’ll find some very rare [Bonfire Ascetics] . Step onto the elevator and you’ll be taken down to the next area in the game; the Shrine of Amana .

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