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Dark Souls III
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 24-05-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 26-05-2019 / 03:55 GMT

Dark Souls III Guide

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The Lords of Cinder

Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

Stage 1

Aldrich poses the most threat at long range, when he throws multiple Soul Spears, and when you stand in front of him, where his scythe attacks hit. You’re first priority should be to rush toward Aldrich and get behind him, where his "tail" is an easy target that keeps you out of range of the majority of Aldrich’s attacks.

After doing some damage Aldrich often retreats into the ground, create a dark hole that can deal damage if you are too close. At this point you’ll want to watch the corners of the room across from your position until Aldrich breaks forth from the floor and rush him again, but be mindful of the fact that he usually summons another round of the Arcane Soulmasses or uses Soul Spear on your approach.

While repeating this process for the rest of Stage 1 you’ll want to keep an eye out for any time Aldrich moves backward away from you, as it is usually followed by one of his melee attacks, and roll anytime you aren’t in a great position to strike his tail.

List of Aldrichs’s attacks in Stage 1:

  • Downward Slam: Raises his scythe into the air and slams it into the ground
  • Lunge Attack: Quickly lunges forward to strike anything in his path
  • Horizontal Sweep: Raises his whole body and sweeps horizontally
  • Arrow Barrage: Raises a bow and fires an multi-row arch of arrows downward
  • Arcane Soulmass: Summons a number of small homing soulmasses
  • Soul Spear: Shoots a spear of fast magic straight ahead, usually more than one

Focus on attacking Aldrich's tail and stay away from his scythe attacks, which does heavy damage if you're struck by it.

Stage 2

At half health Aldrich disappears once again and returns in flames, wit his weapon creating a fire trail wherever it goes. This damage is minimal compared to the rest of his attacks and should be ignored to focus on the deadlier attacks.

Aldrich will now summon Arcane Soulmasses when he returns or retreats and his scythe attacks happen more often and have more range.

The deadliest upgrade to Aldrich’s new arsenal is the new Arrow Barrage, which summons a rain of arrows that’ll follow you if you run. This can’t be rolled or healed through and you must run for your life the minute you see him raise his bow.

List of Aldrichs’s attacks in Stage 2:

  • Lifehunt Scythe: Summons a scythe and spins 360 degrees, absorbing your health
  • Arrow Barrage 2: Fires a tower of arrows that'll follow you around the arena

Aldrich becomes more hostile in Stage 2, using additional attacks like Lifehunt Scythe to steal your health and attacking with his scythe more often.

Drops: 50,000 Souls , Cinders of a Lord , Soul of Aldrich


After the battle you can take either of the spiral elevators up to collect the Sun Princess Ring from Gwynevere’s chamber.

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