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Darksiders II
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 29-09-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 22-03-2018 / 10:56 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 25-09-2018 / 08:09 GMT

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Wandering Stones

Start Location: Oran in the Fjord

Note: This side-quest will become available only after completing the side-quest "Silent Stones"

Limb Locations

Now that you have your task from Oran you will need to find and activate Oran’s arms and legs. To do so, simply find them in the environment, walk up to them and hit the action button to use his heartstone on them.

The Fjord – Just to the southeast of the main structure on the lake you will find a path leading up the hill which we needed to follow to reach The Drenchfort earlier. On a side-path here you will find an arm.

Shadow Gorge – Go to Stonefather’s Vale and make your way east and through the door to Shadow’s Gorge. Along the path you will find Oran’s second missing limb.

The Scar – Fast travel to the optional dungeon – The Scar. You will find Oran’s other arm on the ground below the entrance.

Baneswood – Fast travel to Baneswood and make your way towards the Charred Pass. On the path just before entering you will see Oran’s leg on the ground here.

Once you have found and activated all four of Oran’s limbs, return to his head and hit the action button to complete the quest.