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Detroit: Become Human
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jemma Hough
First Published: 29-06-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 20-08-2018 / 13:10 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 22-09-2018 / 06:19 GMT

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Trophy Guide

Trophy Guide

Stand Your Ground

Note: Aim for the CONFRONTATION trophy first, then quit to the menu to replay the chapter for STAND YOUR GROUND.

In chapter 'Freedom March', follow these steps:

– At the end of the march you’ll be stopped and confronted by the police.

– They threaten to shoot, so choose options: STAND GROUND > STAND GROUND > SACRIFICE

Choosing to sacrifice yourself will kill Markus, which is no good for the SURVIVORS trophy that you’re aiming for. Simply quit out once more and replay a third time. When the choice is presented, choose to DISPERSE instead – no one will get killed and the public opinion will not decrease. Continue from here as your main save file.