Detroit: Become Human Strategy Guide

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    29 June 2018
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    19 July 2018
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Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough

Chapter 15 - Time to Decide

Returning to Markus, you finally get to meet those behind the mysterious Jericho. This chapter is fairly straightforward, and it should be easy enough to complete the flowchart at 100%. You can interact with everyone in whatever order you like, but leave Simon for last, as the conversation with him will end the chapter.

Talk to Dying Android: There’s a female android standing off to the right between the barrels. Talk to her before she shuts down.

Talk to Josh: Josh is by the wall watching over an android child lying on the floor.

Talk to North: North is an important character throughout Markus’ story, as a potential romantic pathway can be unlocked to help give you a good ending. She’s sitting on a crate bouncing a ball against the wall. As soon as you interact with her, your reputation with her will increase, but do not choose the YOU option while talking to her – she doesn’t want to talk about herself, and it will decrease reputation.

Talk to Damaged Android: You can find him sitting on the floor leaning against some crates. Simply talk to him.

Let There Be Light: Light a fire in all of the available barrels in the room.

Talk to Lucy: Lucy is considered the leader and is marked as the main objective. She’s standing behind a sheet of white plastic and will heal Markus’ wounds.

Check Empty Crate: Before you head over to Simon, check the crates by the wall – this completes Explore Jericho and also gives Markus an idea of how to help the androids.

Talk to Simon: Now talk to Simon standing in the middle of the room so that you can propose your newly formed plan.

And that’s it! This should unlock Markus Hatched a Plan on the flowchart, and the chapter will end.