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Detroit: Become Human
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jemma Hough
First Published: 29-06-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-05-2019 / 18:34 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 17-08-2019 / 13:40 GMT

Detroit: Become Human Guide

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Story Walkthrough

Chapter 21 - The Bridge

This is an important chapter in terms of Connor and Hank’s relationship, and if you’ve been choosing the better options for good results, as we’ve been recommending, then this chapter should go smoothly for you. It’s pretty heavy with dialogue options, and the best you can do is keep Hank neutral with a chance of a small increase in reputation.

You’ll start off in the car – Hank will be in the distance in front of you, sitting on a bench. The first thing to do is Leave the Car.

Magazine: There’ll be a bench immediately in front of you. Pick up the magazine right away – you won’t be able to come back for it if you walk on by. Read both articles to make it register.

Find the magazine on the bench ahead of you
Read both articles

Talk to Hank: Now you can head over to Hank where you’ll begin the dialogue sequences.

Discuss Photo: To unlock this dialogue you have to have seen the photo of Hank’s son on the kitchen table during Chapter: ‘Russian Roulette’. Choose PERSONAL QUESTION > PHOTO – but this will only result in decreasing your reputation with Hank, so we recommend avoiding this one for the purpose of the good ending.

Talk to Hank
Talk about rA9

Discuss Russian Roulette: Instead of talking about the photo, you can choose PERSONAL QUESTION > SUICIDE. This leads to the first set of dialogue options.

– STOP DRINKING (no effect)
– BEFORE (no effect)
– GO BACK (no effect)

Discuss rA9: For this task, choose rA9.

– RA9 (no effect)
– SHOCK (no effect)
– SYSTEMS (no effect)
– SOFTWARE (no effect)

Then choose from:

– RATIONAL (no effect)
– DEVIANTS (no effect)
– IRONIC (no effect)
– COLD (lowers reputation)

Do not choose COLD

The fourth dialogue set will heavily depend on your current status with Hank. Whether you are friends with him or he’s hostile towards you may get you the additional set of options to choose from.

– COLD (decreases reputation and software instability)
– AGGRESSIVE (decreases reputation and software instability)
– DEFENSIVE (no effect)
– NEUTRAL (increases reputation) then choose LIE (decreases reputation) or TRUTH (increases reputation and software instability)

Choose TRUTH
Choose YES

Hank Draws Gun: No matter what you chose from all of those dialogue sets, Hank will draw his gun on Connor as a test. The set of dialogues that follow are separate nodes to be unlocked on the flowchart, so this chapter will require a replay to unlock all four of them. Hank will ask you an important question.

– Show Fear: Choose YES (increases software instability, no effect on Hank)
– Show No Fear: Choose NO (decreases reputation and software instability)
– Remain Logical: Choose NOT ALIVE (decreases reputation and software instability)
– Be Cold: Choose LOGICAL (decreases reputation and software instability)

From here, you’ll get another set:

– DEFY (lowers reputation)
– HANK’S ANGER (no effect)
– IRONIC (no effect)
– NOTHING (no effect)

Hank is Placated: If you’re friends with Hank at this point in the story (always putting others before the mission at every opportunity, never killing anyone, and showing a general interest in Hank) then Hank will NOT shoot Connor. This gets you the Hank Left Connor Alone ending.

Hank is Hostile: If, however, your relationship with Hank is pretty bad, then he WILL shoot Connor. To get this outcome, you have to have decreased your reputation with him throughout the course of the game so far. You can do this by defying him, not taking an interest in him, and putting the mission above everything else – including not saving him on the roof during the chase in Chapter: ‘The Nest’. This will get you the Hank Shot Connor ending.

These are the only two endings of the chapter - as usual, we recommend aiming for the good outcome first to work towards the SURVIVORS trophy.

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