Detroit: Become Human Strategy Guide

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    29 June 2018
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Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough

Chapter 7 - Broken

This is a short chapter compared to the last but it will still require at least two playthroughs to achieve both outcomes.

Note: Both outcomes will affect which magazines are available to collect in a later chapter of the game, ‘Waiting for Hank’.

Enter Living Room/Pour Whiskey – These are mandatory tasks. Just wheel Carl into the living room and then pour him a drink when he asks.

Check Studio – They notice that the studio lights are on and want to check it out (Markus will automatically call the police). At this point, you get two choices, but playing either will lead to the same outcomes. You can check the studio With Carl or Without Carl.

Confront Leo – Carl’s son is the one rifling around in the studio, and it just so happens he’s looking for a fight. No matter what you say to him, he will start to push Markus around.

Break Programming – This is unmissable, as Markus will immediately want to break free to react however he chooses. Just complete the button sequence to become deviant.

Now there are two options to choose from. Remember: you’ll have to replay the chapter anyway to complete the flowchart to 100%, but both paths are straightforward.

Option 1: Obey Carl – Carl will get increasingly upset about the situation, yelling at Leo to stop pushing Markus around. For this one, choose to obey him when he tells you not to fight back.

Carl Dies of a Heart Attack: By not fighting back, Carl will become so stressed that he will die from a heart attack. This is just in time for the police to arrive on the scene.

Leo Accuses Markus of Murder: Markus will get the blame for Carl’s death and the police will shoot him.

Option 2: Push Leo – When Carl tells you not to fight back, do it anyway.

Leo is Killed: When you push back, Leo will fall into Carl’s mechanical lift and crack his head open. Again, the police arrive just in time.

Police Shoot Markus: Markus is mistaken for the initial aggressor and the police shoot him.

No matter which path you choose, Markus will be deactivated, but choosing to push Leo will grant you access to see Carl again later in the story. None of this, however, affects the game’s ending.