Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance


Jarrod Garripoli


A mysterious demon who just shows up out of nowhere and claims he’s going to defeat Void Dark, although it is not known why Killia hates and wants revenge against him. He prefers to be a lone wolf and has an incredible appetite, even stopping to eat a large meal right before a battle.


She is the Princess Overlord of Gorgeous, the richest place in all of the Netherworlds, Human World and even Celestia. Seraphina believes that every male in the universe is meant to bow before her and become her servant, whether by her using Balor Gaze or not. She ran away from her home because her father arranged a marriage with Void Dark, so she now wants to assassinate Void.

Red Magnus

As the Overlord of Scorching Flame, a Netherworld that prides itself on its power, Red Magnus can be a bit of a “muscle gorilla.” His primary goal is to find and defeat Void Dark, making him the strongest Overlord in the universe. He seems to know Seraphina, which annoys her to no end.


Christo is an Overlord that belongs to a “certain giant Netherworld.” He is a very smart demon that has excellent tactical and advising skills. He seems to be scheming behind the scenes, where he shown to try to be manipulating the others into helping him assassinate Void Dark.


As the heir to the Toto Bunny, a Netherworld for demons who wish to not fight and live out their lives in peace, her life is flipped upside down when the Lost Army invades and puts a curse on her. She is now forced into eating curry or else she will transform into an uncontrollable monster. The only catch is that she now loves curry and can’t stop thinking of it, plip.


Introduced as some demon who is fighting against the Lost Army, Zeroken is very boastful, usually making grand entrances and claiming he has defeated over 10,000 soldiers himself. However, his attitude changes from person to person, even becoming a coward to avoid fighting others he knows are stronger than him.

Void Dark

The main antagonist of Disgaea 5, Void Dark is a ruthless and cruel demon who doesn’t even value his own subordinates, something which is prevalent as he has gone through a high number of secretaries. He is the leader of the Lost Army, with him being known as the Demon Emperor. It seems he has some kind of connection with Killia, but it isn’t known.


Known as the Corpse Master Overlord and “Witch Who Controls Death,” Majorita is a Demon General in the Lost Army and has sworn loyalty to Void Dark. She has no respect for her allies and will use them to add to her undead army. Her motto is “kill and recycle.”


As the right hand man to Void Dark, Bloodis is very loyal and almost as powerful as Void himself. He is a Demon General in the Lost Army. He seems to have taken an interest in Killia, wanting him to bring out his full power.

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There are three major areas in the Disgaea universe, Celestia, which is home to the angels, the Human World, and the Netherworlds. The Netherworlds are split up into a bunch of different ones, each governed by an Overlord, who has their own set of rules. Those very same Netherworlds are now in danger of being destroyed or taken over by an evil army known as The Lost, who is being led Void Dark. However, a ray of hope appears in the form of Killia, who seems to have a deep grudge against Void Dark. Can he really go through the rumored 10 billion Lost soldiers and exact his revenge against Void?

Let us guide you on the epic journey from Level 1 to Level 9999, as you shoot, punch and fry enemies with various skills in our Disgaea 5 comprehensive guide!

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