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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 08-12-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:26 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 16-06-2019 / 15:26 GMT

Dishonored Guide

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Trophies/Achievements Guide

Mrs. Pilsen’s Remorse

In each of the ten challenges, there is a doll hidden that must be collected in order to get this trophy/achievement. Some of them are hidden well, while others you will run across as you do the level. To find the locations of all ten of these, check out the Emily’s Dolls Locations section.


Void Star

Getting three stars on all of the challenges, including both normal difficulty and expert, can prove to be challenging. Each challenge has certain tips and tricks that can improve your chances of receiving three stars at the end of them. Check out the individual pages of each challenge to learn more.


By My Hand Alone

This is one of the more difficult trophies/achievements in this DLC, as you need to make sure that you personally kill every enemy in the first 12 rounds. This includes the merchants that pop up in between rounds, with your kill count totaling 53 in the end. So, if you have that number of kills when you reach round 13, then you will get the trophy/achievement.

The only problem is that the enemies that spawn are random for the most part, and they will attack each other, so you’ll need to be quick. That means you’ll have to keep an eye out on where they spawn and move fast to get there before they kill each other, which can occur a few seconds into a round. For the last three rounds (10-12), you have to contend with Tallboys, who can quickly kill other enemies quick, so either set up oil tanks in the prior rounds (leave one enemy alive) or know where they spawn and quickly get a drop assassination on them.


Assassin Vs. Machine

Train Runner is a challenge where you need to get from point A to point B, with the trophy/achievement requiring you to get to the end before the train does. It’s likely that you might even get this whenever you’re going for three stars on this challenge, so don’t fret and keep trying. Note that it’s best to do this on the normal version of the challenge and not the expert one, as the added obstacles and Assassins will slow you down.


Rare Collector

In the Expert version of Burglar, there are 16 small collectable figurines hidden around the mansion that you can get. These are not worth anything and are solely to get this trophy/achievement. Check the Burglar page for the locations of all of the figurines.


Long Way Down

Kill Cascade is a challenge that is all about performing Drop Assassinations. This trophy/achievement will require you to perform one of the drop assassinations from at least 150 meters. This is only possible on the very last target and you will need to get to a certain spot. After killing the first Tallboy, you should see your next target which has you going through a short tunnel of sorts.

Instead of doing that, you want to Blink on top of it, where you’ll see some buildings ahead of you. Get on top of the building (either will do, but the one closer to the final target will make things slightly easier) and you should see a red beam straight ahead, which is the final target. You will want to double jump and Blink straight, adjusting your position as you fall through a bunch of bunch of buildings/rubble to the final target.



This can be a very annoying trophy/achievement, as you have to basically get a perfect run during the Assassin’s Run challenge, meaning you have to get 100% accuracy while only getting headshots. Luckily, you can take all the time in the world, so there’s no need to rush at all, since score and time don’t matter. There’s also a glitch in the level, where you can skip the last room.

There are two main trouble spots for this trophy/achievement, with the first being the room with the Weepers. For some reason, the game has trouble registering the headshots on them, despite clearly hitting them in the head. Remember that if you get 300 points, then you have a headshot. The other room is with the two distant Assassins, with the one walking up the stairs being the problem. You’ll have to lead him a little bit in order to get the headshot.

As mentioned before, there is a glitch in the last room that allows you to skip it entirely, saving yourself the trouble of having to get three more headshots. By now, you know where the exit to the challenge is located. Right to the left of the exit is a bookshelf that you can climb onto and if you hug the wall while on top, you will see out into the void. While seeing this, simply try and Blink out into it to hit the exit without having to fight the last three Assassins.



This trophy/achievement is probably one of the hardest in the game, as first of all, it’s about 10% skill and 90% luck. In the Bonfires challenge, the goal is to keep hitting the beams of light to accrue points, but the problem is that after the first two, the rest of the beams are completely random. To make matters worse, there are certain jumps you can make from specific locations that will award you with more points, called Tricky Jumps.

The goal of the trophy/achievement is to get all six of the Tricky Jumps in one playthrough of the challenge, which is mostly based on luck, since you never know where the next beam of light will spawn after the first two. It’s important to play through the challenge to learn where all the jumps are located, then start from there. For more information, check the Bonfires section of the guide.


Natural Talent

There is a long way to do this achievement/trophy, and a short way. Remember that you cannot use your powers at all. The long way involves knocking out the guards patrolling the perimeter by either choking them or using sleep darts, then placing their bodies in the room where you begin. From here, you can go around and carefully collect the clues to narrow down your target, then killing him/her once enough information is available.

The easy way, which might involve a lot of restarting the challenge, will have you killing your target without having to collect any clues at all. From where you start, head out the initial door and bare left, heading inside the door to your right as you begin going down this hallway. This will be a small room that may contain a clue, as well as one or two people (male and female). If it’s just the male there by the fireplace, then that is likely your target and you can kill him, making this an easy trophy/achievement.


Time Management

You can do either of the two challenges listed in the description for this trophy/achievement, but the general consensus is that Bend Time Massacre is the easier of the two. The reasons for this are because you don’t need to kill everyone in each round, plus the bonus rounds are considered a lot easier to manage than Kill Chain’s bonuses. Check out the section for Bend Time Massacre for a full walkthrough.


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