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Dragon Age II
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Author(s): Greg Boccia
Editor(s): Greg Boccia, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 24-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:26 GMT
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Dragon Age II Guide

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Trophies and Achievements

Trophy Guide

Dragon Age II has a total of 55 achievements and 56 trophies. These are awarded for experiencing the single player campaign, collecting and crafting various items, making certain decisions, nabbing all of the collectibles and undergoing some additional miscellaneous tasks. Below you’ll find a list of the achievements/trophies in the game and how you can unlock each one.

The Ultimate Reward

Unlock all of the other trophies to unlock this one.


Story Achievements/Trophies

The following achievements/trophies will unlock automatically as you play through the game.

Trophy Name Description
Tale Within a Tale Listened to Varric begin his tale of the Champion of Kirkwall.
Mercenary Allied yourself with the mercenaries upon arriving in Kirkwall.
Nefarious Allied yourself with the smugglers upon arriving in Kirkwall.
Immigrant Became a resident of Kirkwall.
Craftsman Acquired your first crafting recipe.
Birthright Kicked slavers out of your ancestral mansion.
Explorer Left Kirkwall to explore the outlying region
Darkness Falls Toggle the map from day to night.
Financier Became a partner in the Deep Roads Expedition.
Delver of the Deep Explored the Deep Roads.
Trophy Name Description
Stone Cold Complete Act 1.
Friends in High Places Met Grand Cleric Elthina, Viscount Dumar, Knight-Commander Meredith, and First Enchanter Orsino.
King of the Hill Complete Act 2.
Conquerer Defeat the final boss.
Champion of Kirkwall Complete Dragon Age II.
Crowning Glory Side with the Templars in the final quest and complete the game.
Epic Complete the game twice, or complete it once with a Dragon Age: Origins save imported.
**Arcane Defender & Mage Hunter**

These two achievements/trophies are pretty much the opposite of one another. Whilst playing through the game, you will come across several side-missions and main quests in which you need to side with either the Templars or the Mages. Siding with each faction 5 times will unlock the associated achievment trophy - mages will earn you 'Arcane Defender' whilst Templars will unlock 'Mage Hunter'.

The quests that involve a decision include the following:

Act 1

  • Main quest **'Enemy Among Us'.**
  • Main quest **'Wayward Son'** .
  • Main quest **'Act of Mercy'** .
Act 2
  • Side-quest **'Night Terrors'** .
Act 3
  • Act 3 opening scene.
  • Main quest **'On the Loose'** .
  • Main quest **'Best Served Cold'** .

A Worthy Rival

This achievement/trophy can be a little tricky and requires that you earn the Arishok’s respect before the end of Act 2. To do this, you need to always choose the honest options when talking with him. Additionally, the following actions will help earn respect:

  • Visit him after **'Blackpowder Courtesy'** and tell him what has happened.
  • During **'Offered and Lost'** tell the Viscount not to lie to the Arishok.
  • Visit him after **'Offered and Lost'** and tell him what has happened.
  • During **'Demands of the Qun'** tell him that Isabela has the relic.

Mass Exodus

To earn this, you need to start a new game three times, complete the prologue and arrive in Kirkwall with each of the three character classes - mage, warrior and rogue. Upon arriving as the third type, the achievement/trophy will unlock.


That Thing Has Legs

To earn this we need to find and kill a varterral. There are two of these enemies in-game and you can find them in Merrill’s side-quest 'Mirror Image' in Act 2 or the 'A Murder of Crows' side-quest in Act 3. Follow the above walkthroughs to these specific side-quests to locate the varterrals.



You need to find and kill the optional boss Xebenkeck to earn this achievement trophy. This can only be completed in Act 2, so be sure to complete the side-quest 'Forbidden Knowledge' before continuing onto the next act. Follow the above walkthrough to this side-quest to earn this one.


Demon Slayer

Unlocking this requires that you hunt down and kill the optional boss Hybris in Act 3. To do this, we need to find three hidden scrolls and then eliminate a group of associated enemies to reveal a hidden lair in which we will find the boss. This can be done by completing the 'The Awiergen Scrolls' series of side-quests. Follow the above walkthrough to these side-quests to earn this one.


Dragon Slayer

This trophy/achievement requires you to take down a High Dragon, possibly the hardest optional boss in the game. You can find this by accepting the 'Mine Massacre' side-quest during Act 3 and fight it at the Bone Pit. Follow the walkthrough to the side-quest above to unlock it with ease!


Companion-Related Achievements/Trophies

Trophy Name Description
Full House Recruit four party members.
Friend Earned friendship of one of your companions.
Rival Earned friendship of one of your companions.
Great Minds Think Alike Earned the friendship or rivaly of four party members.
Gift Giver Give a gift to a companion.
Flirtatious Flirt with one of your companions.
Romantic Complete a romance with one of your companions.
**A Friend in Need & I Got Your Back**

Each companion (excluding Carver/Bethany) has four armor upgrades that can be found by searching the environment, completing side-quests or by purchasing from shops. Applying a single upgrade will unlock the achievement/trophy ’ A Friend in Need’ whilst applying all four to a companion will unlock 'I Got Your Back'. The upgrades can be found in the following locations:


  • Armor Struts - Purchase from Lirene's Ferelden Imports in Lowtown (Act 2).
  • Lyrium weave - Purchase from Lirene's Ferelden Imports in Lowtown (Act 2).
  • Spirit Essence - During the side-quest **'Dissent'** (Act 2).
  • Sigil of the Mage Underground - During the main quest **'Best served Cold'** (Act 3).
  • Underpadding - Purchase from Lowtown Armor Stand (Act 1).
  • Impact Plating - Purchase from Lowtown Armor Stand (Act 2).
  • Flex-Chain - During the side-quest **'Raiders on the Cliffs'** (Act 2).
  • Deflecting Joints - During the side-quest **'Favor and Fault'** (Act 3).
  • Tevinter Spirit Symbol - Purchase from Robes by Jean Luc in Hightown (Act 2).
  • Lyrium weave - Purchase from Shady Merchandise at the Docks (Act 2).
  • Reinforced Straps - During the side-quest **'A Bitter Pill'** (Act 2).
  • Enchanted Resin - During the side-quest **'Mine Massacre'** (Act 3).
  • Rigid Boning - Purchase from Apparel Shop in Lowtown (Act 2).
  • Supportive Corselet - Purchase from Robes by Jean Luc in Hightown (Act 2).
  • Lambswool Insoles - During the side-quest **'To Catch A Thief'** (Act 2).
  • Boiled Leather Plates - During the side-quest **'A Murder of Crows'** (Act 3).
  • Covered Ironwood Buttons - Purchase from Ilen's Crafts in Sundermount (Act 2).
  • Samite Lining - Purchase from Robes by Jean Luc in Hightown (Act 2).
  • Silver Threaded Dalish Embroidery - At the very top of Sundermount (Act 2).
  • Halla Horn Buckle - During the side-quest **'A New Path'** (Act 3).
  • Inscribed Leather Harness - Purchase from Apparel Shop in Lowtown (Act 1).
  • Coat-Lining with Concealed Pockets - Purchase from Shady Merchandise at the Docks (Act 2).
  • Silverite Reonforced Buckles - During the side-quest **'Family Matters'** (Act 2).
  • Drakeskin Leg Straps - During the side-quest **'Finding Nathaniel'** (Act 3).

Tag Team

Each class has a status effect that they can put onto an enemy by using their class-based abilities. Warriors can cause Stagger, Rogues can Disorient and Mages can cause Brittle. To earn this trophy, you need to have one of your characters impart a status ailment on a bad guy and then have a second use an ability to exploit the status effect to dish out increased damage. This is simple experimentation and you will likely unlock it by accident without trying before the end of the game. If you are really wanting to get it in a hurry, switching between companions on the fly and using the radial menu to pause the game will help!



This achievement/trophy requires that you make it through one of the Acts without anyone in your party dying at any point. To make things easy, simply put the difficulty down to casual, otherwise just approach combat with caution and be sure to defend your ranged DPS and magic users as they will be most at risk.


Character Progression Achievements/Trophies

Trophy Name Description
Dedicated Reach level 10.
Legendary Reach level 20.
Specialized Learned 2 class specializations.
Talented Upgrade a spell or talent.
Weapon Master Max out a weapon style.
**Master Craftsman**

This one requires you to collect the recipes for and then craft one of every type of item from a single crafting tree. There are three crafting trees - Potions, Runes and Poisons/Bombs. There are a total of 6 potion recipes, eight poison/bomb recipes and 20 rune recipes. Logic dictates that the easiest path to theis achievement/trophy would be to find and craft all 6 potions. Doing so will earn you the trophy/achievment in a much shorter timeframe than tracking down 20 runes!

The recipes can be found in the following locations:


  • Elfroot Potion - Recieved automatically in Lowtown (Act 1).
  • Restoration Potion - Purchased from Ilen's Crafts in Sundermount after completing the side--quest **'Herbalist's Tasks'** (Act 1).
  • Life Ward Potion - Purchased at the Gallows (Act 2).
  • Mighty Offence Potion - In the Mountain Graveyard in Sundermount (Act 2).
  • Rock Armor Potion - Lowtown (Night), near the entrance to Gamlen's house (Act 2).
  • Elixir of Heroism - During the **'Demands of the Qun'** main quest (Act 2).
Poisons and Bombs:
  • Combusition Grenade - During the **'Blackpowder Promise'** main quest (Act 1).
  • Debilitating Poison - Recieved automatically in Darktown (Act 1).
  • Deathroot Toxin - Purchase from Shady mechandise at the Docks (Act 1).
  • Tar Bomb - Purchase from Shady mechandise at the Docks (Act 1).
  • Arcane Poison - During the **'Blackpowder Courtesy'** main quest (Act 2).
  • Mythal's Favor - At the Wounded Coast in the back of a wagon (Act 2).
  • Fell Grenade - Near the Hidden Lair in the Wounded Coast (Act 3)
  • Fell Poison - During the **'On The Loose'** main quest (Act 3).
  • Rune of Fire - During the **'The First Sacrifice'** side-quest (Act 1).
  • Rune of Fire Warding - In a lootable skeleton in the Wounded Coast (Act 1).
  • Rune of Frost - Purchased at Lirene's Ferelden Imports in Lowtown (Act 1).
  • Rune of Frost Warding - During the **'Enemies Among Us'** side-quest (Act 1).
  • Rune of Lightning - At Sundermount (Act 1).
  • Rune of Lightning Warding - Purchased at Mages Goods in the Gallows (Act 1).
  • Rune of Impact - During the **'Enemies Among Us'** side-quest (Act 1).
  • Rune of Protection - Recieved automatically in Hightown (Act 1).
  • Rune of Defense - In a lootable skeleton in the Wounded Coast (Act 2).
  • Rune of Nature - Purchased from Ilen's Crafts in Sundermount (Act 2).
  • Rune of Nature Warding - During the **'Blackpowder Courtesy'** main quest (Act 2).
  • Rune of Spirit - During the **'Inside Job'** side-quest (Act 2).
  • Rune of Spirit Warding - Purchased at Mages Goods in the Gallows (Act 2).
  • Rune of Striking - During the **'Prime Suspect'** main quest (Act 2).
  • Sandal's Special Rune - Recieved automatically at the start of Act 2.
  • Torpor's Barrier Rune - During the **'Night Terrors'** side-quest (Act 2).
  • Primeval Lyrium Rune - During the **'Haunted'** side-quest (Act 3).
  • Rune of Devastation - During the **'On the Loose'** main quest (Act 3).
  • Rune of Valiance - In a small ruin in Sundermount (Act 3).


Once you have found or crafted a rune, you are able to take it to Sandal and have him use it to enchant a weapon with a slot that can take it. Doing so for the first time will unlock the trophy/achievment.



In order to obtain this achievement/trophy you will need to find and gather every single ingredient in the game. There are 66 crafting ingredients in total and if you have followed the above walkthrough and completed all of the optional missions as you go, you will earn the achievement/trophy before you reach the end of the game.


Knowledgeable & Treasure Hunter

These two achievements/trophies will unlcok fairly early if you are doing your best to explore the environment to your fullest. Knowledgable will unlock after the 100th codex entry you unlock, whilst the Treasure Hunter will be unlock after looting your 50th object (piles of bones, rubble, chests etc.).


Chantry Historian

This is unlocked once you have found and picked up the four chapters of The History of the Chantry. All four of these can be found in the Chantry, so be sure to check it out at least once in each chapter. Note that chapter 3 appears only during the 'Following the Qun' main quest.



There are 11 scrolls with the item name 'The Enigma of Kirkwall' in the game. Three appear in Act 1, with an additional four of appearing in each of Act 2 and Act 3. In order to unlock this achievement/trophy you must find and collect at least three of them in each of the three acts for a total of 9. For precise locations of each and every scroll, use the walkthrough above! If you want a quick idea of where to look, have a peek at the list below.

They can be found in the following locations:

Act 1

  • In the Elven Alienage in Lowtown at night time.
  • During the **'Wayward Son'** side-quest.
  • During the **'The Bone Pit'** side-quest.
Act 2
  • On the left side of the Qunari compound in the Docks.
  • Near one of the exits from Darktown.
  • On the second floor room on the right side of the Chantry.
  • During the **'Dissent'** side-quest.
Act 3
  • During the **'Justice'** side-quest.
  • During the **'On the Loose'** main quest.
  • During the **'Gamlen's Greatest Treasure'** side-quest.
  • During the **'The Last Straw'** main quest


Have 100 sovreigns in your purse at once to unlock this one. Don’t forget to sell trash that you find during quests and old equipment to increase your residual money quickly.



To earn this achievement/trophy, you will need to visit 10 caves. You will earn this quite easily if you complete every side-quest you come across!


The Exiled Prince (DLC) Achievements/Trophies

Trophy Name Description
Retribution Complete **'Duty'** side-quest.
Avenged Complete **'Repentance'** side-quest.
Memento Give Sebastian a gift.
Loyalty of the Prince Earned either friendship or rivalry with Sebastian
Cloak and Dagger Complete **'Faith'** .

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